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People unclear on the concept of a quilt....

People unclear on the concept of a quilt....

Old 04-03-2007, 02:26 PM
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You have inspired me, I'll make the animals the three dogs, 2 cats, and a bird their own quilts. Wonder if the humans will use them? lol lol lol We have to laugh and look for the good things as you've all said inadvertantly. We're the family we wish we had in life.

Thanks for all the encouragement and admiration. Even if we wouldn't use the same colors, the same patterns, the same stitches, we can APPRECIATE the love and effort. THAT is the beauty of each of you to me.

Now pass the tissues and the thread, I'm working hard to finish the first of the BOMs...

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Old 04-03-2007, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by vicki reno
Originally Posted by kathy
I wish we could have a group hug right now. I haven't had the quilt pain but goodness knows I've had plenty others. So glad we have each other to lean on.

me too :!:
Reading all of this makes me wish for hugs, too...and I haven't even had the quilt pains (well, other artistic pains as I mentioned before). Its sucks hearing about how these beautiful quilts (hey, if they sound good in writting I can only imagine how gorgeous they looked once finished) and then to find they were mistreated. That sort of sticks in my craw. *cyber hugs for everyone!*
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Old 04-03-2007, 04:15 PM
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we got a new chihuahua last june and was always cold as she was so tiny..so, as soon as the weather turned cool i made her a quilt for her crate..duh!! she had it all chewed it up in about month .it's just a holy rag now..lol, but she still loves cuddling up in it..i'm thinking of making her another bbut i'll wait till her chewing phase is OVER...suzanne
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Old 04-03-2007, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by barberette
we got a new chihuahua last june and was always cold as she was so tiny..so, as soon as the weather turned cool i made her a quilt for her crate..duh!! she had it all chewed it up in about month .it's just a holy rag now..lol, but she still loves cuddling up in it..i'm thinking of making her another bbut i'll wait till her chewing phase is OVER...suzanne
have you ever looked at the state of some kids' favorite quilts and binkies? all those holes and tears and stains just mean they love them to pieces.

(what? you think i can go to bed without one of my awful puns? unthinkable. LOL)
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Old 04-04-2007, 05:43 AM
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Wow, what a moving topic. I feel everyone's pain and want a part of that great big group hug.

When I was about 9, my grandmother's twin sister (my great aunt) gave a hand pieced and hand quilted bed size quilt. I used it for years then eventually not "understanding" the meaning and love of a quilt, it wound up torn, used for picnics, etc. I am now ashamed to admit that I eventually tossed it out. Years and years later, now being a quilter, I would give most anything for that opportunity to love and take care of that quilt properly. I was so young and my Mom I guess didn't "understand" the meaning of it either. Times like this when I am reminded of it and really think about it, it pains me deeply.

I did however do some good as I was able to "rescue" my brother's baby quilt that my grandmother made for him. It has some tears and holes but, I don't intend to repair it. It stays put away and I pull it out every now and again to love it, imagine MaMa hand piecing it with all the love she put into it and put it away again.

All that being said has made me not want to make and give away quilts. I have only given 3 to my parents (my Mom does "understand" now) and 1 to my sister, and 2 for new babies. I have made over 60 but, I just keep filling up my closets. I know that when my girls are older (I have 3) I will divide them among them and they will all love them appropriately.

Hugs to everyone!
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Old 04-04-2007, 06:20 AM
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I have just started making quilts. The first was for my bed, the second I gave to my son, It looked used and abused when I finished. I hand quilted andf that looks funny to. He was thrilled with it. It was very colorful. at first he used it just to look at, now they cover up with it, eventually it will be on the floor with the kids , then camping , left out in the rain. Then I will say" look what you did with my gift" and laugh. I know they will be used and abused......but I went beyond that stuff, how about one oif those kids gets cancer, or your child has an accident. Not many think highly of your work unless they create also. Ask before you give what would you rather have?
I just want to say that I have had so many bad things happen in my life that I had no control over that I promised myself not to harbor resentments.................One more thing "now I really appreciate quilts, wall hangings, table toppers.........I will give them a good home"
love you all smile for me :D
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Old 04-05-2007, 06:36 PM
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One sure thing about quilters, is their generosity and ability to share. This seems to go beyond quilting. It is obvious that we also are able to share the lessons of life, our pains, our triumphs and not least of all our hearts. This topic has again reinforced my belief that quilters rock!!!

Some of the stories I read were very touching and painful to witness. I agree we move on, but admit to having experienced frustration in making a special quilt that was put away 'because it too good to be used' or replaced with a cheap blanket because the mother didn't think it was warm enough. I am grateful to belong to this sisterhood of quilters (that includes Tim), who can support each other in this forum. Please accept this group hug from me. (((((((((QUILTERS))))))))))))))
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Old 04-06-2007, 06:02 AM
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I think that almost any crafter/sewer/ artist has a story or two to share. One of my quuilts got eatten by a pot -belly pig. Owned by a friend that knew better. Another friend found hers in a pets bed, I guess people with pets want the very best for them (the pets). LOL But if some one recieves a quit and then passes it on at hopefully it will eventully end up with an appricative person.
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Old 04-06-2007, 06:43 AM
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June; ROFLMAO (an abbreviation just learned from Patrice) I understand completely. I think it is a matter of semantics. I too. think a Quilt is something you can cover a bed with. But, like you said the other items such as place mats etc can be quilted. So a place mat is a "Quilted" place mat. A jacket is a Quilted" jacket and a wall hanging becomes "Quilted" Fabric Art. :lol:

Those people who did not value a handmade gift, well I'm sorry to have to say it! But, frankly speaking, there just has to be something WRONG with those people. I still have an abundance of my daughter's pre-school art work in my files. Certain pieces were even framed. And I have high school works of her art framed as well. And a pillow she hand cross-stitched. I can tell you if she ever made me a quilt (of any size) or afghan (whatever) it would not be left to the dogs. I think Tricia's absolutely correct. They are all just jealous! AND We are artist's! 8) 8)
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Hi all, I have read, but never replied before. Had to this time. I too know the pain of not having my work not appreciated or understood. Last month I visited my son and d-i-l. iwas having a lovely time. My d-i-l ever gave me a bundle of wonderful 6 in. squares of Hawaiian fabrics that someone had given her. Boy, was I elated!!!! ( a budding quilter in the family, oh yea). I asked if she would like some instructions. "No,but thank you very much anyway Mom.Way too much work." O.K. I can deal with that. "Would you like me to make a quilt with these squares or any other fabric for you?" I asked. She smiled that cute as a button smile and replies," That would be great Mom, I can put it on the dog's couch to keep the couch from getting to dirty and hairy from shedding." Got to love her. Thanks for that BIG GROUP HUG. I felt it all the way to Tucson, Az. Pam :D :D
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