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Thread: Price for lapquilt??

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    Super Member gaby4v's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    close to the grand babies!!!
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    I was ask to make a laqsize quilt, about 50x60. It will be made from clothes from their child who passed away. It will be a simple quilt with squares and simple quilting. I will provide batting and the backing. But have no idea what to charge.
    Any advise?

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    Super Member quiltmaker's Avatar
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    That's a hard one for me...was this family close to yours? If so, I would probably just make it as a gift of love for the loss of their child. If it is a person you don't really know and were asked to do this then I would charge for the batting and backing a a small fee for making it. I'm not one to charge for my quiltmaking because I love it so much and am thrilled when someone wants me to make one for them for whatever reason. But with fabric prices as they are it is not unreasonable to ask them to pay for what you would need to purchase to complete the quilt and an amount for your time.

    You will receive many responses here about people that do sell their quilts for specific per inch amounts and that is fine and also reasonable. For many people it is an additional income. I have just been fortunate in not having to do that and love to pass along a gift of love to someone. That said, it is only very special people, donation quilts or family that I do my quilting for so that's probably why I feel the way I do.

    Don't know if this truly helps you out but just my very humble opinion.

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    Nov 2010
    I agree with everything quiltmaker said. For me it would depend if they were close with my family or not. But even with that said, I would still need them to probably pay for the batting, backing and thread. I sew for extra money and need the extra income like many on here too. But I also tend to have a big heart and want to help everyone. Wow, now I sound confusing.....Ok, then I will sum it up.....go with your gut and what makes you feel comfortable and don't feel bad if you need to charge them. I think either way they will be grateful you made it for them. :)

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    I would make it a gift of love or a very small fee. Their loss was already huge. If you need to make a little money on it, there is nothing wrong with that either. You are supplying them with something they cannot do for themselves.

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    Super Member pamesue's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    wow...thats a hard one..

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    Super Member Rebecca VLQ's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
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    I agree with quiltmaker...

    I am working on my 4th memory quilt, and they've all been done for people I know. I don't know if I could work on one for someone I don't, because it is much more difficult/time consuming than making a regular quilt.

    If it is someone you know, I would do it as a gift and sew in love and comfort to the family, kwim?
    If it is for someone you kind of know, maybe charge a little bit for supplies.

    This situation is much different than doing a memory quilt for a child going away to college, and taking all their sports tees and putting them together...

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    Super Member Scrap Happy's Avatar
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    Determine what you want for an hourly rate and how long it will take you to finish to determine the charge. Iíve never charged for a quilt because then it is a chore. Iím not saying you shouldnít charge, you absolutely should if thatís what is right for you.

    A friend asked me to make a quilt from her Dadís shirts for her Mom after he passed. Her and I went to LQS to get backing fabric, thread, etc. (it was a quilt as you go quilt so she didnít have to pay someone to quilt it.) I didnít charge for my time.

    I learned then how little non-quilters know about how long it takes to make a quilt. I should have explained this from the start but didnít know that she didnít know. She kept calling to find out when the quilt would ready. Her Mom was very depressed over her the loss of her DH (she was 93 and they had met when they were teen-agers) and this quilt was intended to bring her comfort so I do understand where my friend was coming from. So I guess Iím trying to let you know that there is a lot of emotion and eagerness involved on the other end and want to give you a heads up.

    My friendís Mom passed away in January and she told me that her Mom slept with this quilt every night and would wrap herself up in it. The quilt is now with my friend and someday will go to her daughter.

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