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SuzzyQ 01-20-2020 12:29 PM

Always read the instructioins All the way through
Misread the instructions for a quilt kit. Now I'm short about 12" of a 6 1/2" strip for one fabric..... And today was to me day to sew and finish this quilt top. Not going into the quilt shop till Wednesday (2 days). Have phoned and left a message - hoping there is more fabric there! Otherwise there will be tiny redesign...

Tartan 01-20-2020 12:43 PM

Oh man, I hate that!

Dolphyngyrl 01-20-2020 06:10 PM

I cut wrong for my class today, but got super lucke the strips were slighly larger so just had to cut them down, but i hate those mistakes so much

quiltingshorttimer 01-20-2020 08:03 PM

I feel your pain! I have a bad habit of buying a kit (rarely) and then not working on it for years--and about 1/2 the time fine a fabric issue way too late. Working on one now that the directions for cutting were bit confusing and they way they had you cut it meant that there was just no way to get all pieces cut--despite there being ample scraps left.

jmoore 01-21-2020 03:26 AM

I feel your frustration...I did the same on my recent finish. I was using two layer cakes that I had in my stash for a few years to make a queen size quilt and I cut them wrong. I had to buy more fabric but the real challenge was matching colors to the “old” layer cakes that I had already cut and pieced.

toverly 01-21-2020 04:10 AM

Been there, done that. You are not alone. That's what scares me the most about quilt kits. Hopefully your LQS has more. I have hunted for fabrics online and have gotten lucky. Sometimes even though I read thru the patterns, mistakes happen.

sandy l 01-21-2020 04:19 AM

I bought a quilt kit onetime, then put it away for several years. When I finally got it out and sorted out the fabrics, found that one of the fabrics hadn't even been included. Haven't even considered buying a kt again.

PatriceJ 01-21-2020 04:25 AM

read the instructions first? that's just crazy talk. :D
read them all the way through? crazier :p

suffer the consequences if i don't?

well ... that's typical for me. ;)

pmonaghen 01-21-2020 04:52 AM

I was gifted a Block of the Month "kit" with all the blocks and finishing fabrics...started to cut it out, and discovered 2 months worth of fabrics did not contain enough of the fabric to even scrimp and get pieces cut...Of course the kit is a couple of years old...so no way to find the fabrics...in one case I need 4 2/12 inch squares...which are prominent in the block..so will have to "wing it" when I get to sewing it.... One of the reasons I hesitate to buy kits!! Sometimes way too much fabric...but the opposite can be true and frustrating!
Good luck with finding the additional fabric you need!

Doggramma 01-21-2020 07:39 AM

That sounds like something I would do. I hate when I do stuff like this. But you’re creative so you can make it work if there’s no more fabric!

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