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emt2004 01-13-2018 09:47 AM

Fleece as backing ,instead of batting and backing fabric
Has anyone ever used fleece,under quilt top and eliminate the batting and backing? If so, how did it turn out,any problems? Thanking you in advance for your help, Michele

francie yuhas 01-13-2018 10:11 AM

Yes,I do it frequently. I use basting spray and quilt every 3 inches....works fine

tuppermern 01-13-2018 10:20 AM

I also use fleece instead of batting for cosmetic bags that I make for a charity. I also use the basting spray & quilt...but it's a much smaller area than a quilt. No problems!

Garden Gnome 01-13-2018 10:21 AM

I have done it, but the fleece starts looking bedraggled pretty quickly.

KenmoreGal2 01-13-2018 10:28 AM

I do it often. I pin baste and usually FMQ.

Sometimes I simply use the fleece backing folded to the front as the binding because fleece does not unravel. Sometimes I make a traditional binding. I have no issues with it. My very favorite quilts for personal use have old minky throws as the batting/backing. They are so cozy!! I didn't even quilt those, I finished them birthing style.

I can't attest to the longevity of the ones I give away but in general it makes a physically lighter quilt. I really like using fleece and plan to continue it.

Since the fleece will not degrade and bunch up like batting, you can quilt as much or as little as you want. I find that appealing. The 2 quilts which I use all the time were not quilted at all in fact. I just birthed them and top stitched the edges.

Also since you are only sewing 2 layers, not three, a walking foot is not needed. I don't own one, so using fleece allows me to do some straight line quilting.

mom-6 01-13-2018 10:47 AM

This has become my preferred method. Everyone who has received one has commented on how soft and cuddly they are. I do minimal quilting. The first couple I did were panels and I didn't do any quilting and they needed ironed after washing so now I do some quilting - either stitch in the ditch or squiggly lines.

Doggramma 01-13-2018 12:04 PM

I like the fleece on the back, but the quilts are a little too floppy for me. So I use the 80/20 batting with the fleece.

Judith1005 01-13-2018 12:14 PM

I started one once. It was a baby size quilt. I finished the quilting about half way. I hated it. I ended up ripping it all apart and starting it over with backing and batting. It is very difficult to quilt with. Make sure you look and watch a lot of tutorials to get the ins and outs.

In my personal opinion, It felt like I cheated my quilt. And, that is just my personal opinion. It sounds like many of you have enjoyed and like quilting with it.

Now, I do enjoy using flannel for backing. And, no, I don't use it all the time. Mostly with baby quilts. And, a lap quilt or 2,3.

Whatever you decide. Good luck and enjoy.

QuiltNama 01-13-2018 12:29 PM

I use fleece and fleece blankets on the back of many quilts I make. Just don't over tighten on the rollers if loading on a long arm, and if you want to put batting in, use a light weight poly and not a lot of quilting to keep them soft and snuggly. They are favorites of kids and the chemo center.
Peace, Brenda

crafty pat 01-13-2018 12:34 PM

I am doing that now on a baby quilt i am making. It feels so soft. I like it very much.

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