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CanoePam 04-16-2021 06:23 AM

How many projects do you work on simultaneously?
I am trying really hard to finish up my half-done projects before I buy more or start more. It gives me immense satisfaction to see a UFO in the ďcompletedĒ pile, but I do sometimes get a bit bored. I have recently allowed myself to have one in-process project and start one more. I donít let myself start a third unless it is an emergency thing (new baby or some such). Then again, I am a bit OCD and too much clutter disturbs me. How many active projects do others keep going? I donít mean those UFOs that we all have that wonít be finished because we really donít like them, but the ones you work actively.

katiebear1 04-16-2021 06:40 AM

Lately I have only been doing one at a time. I totally finish one quilt before I start another . I have a list of quilts I want to do. Most of them I have the pattern and fabrics for them in separate plastic bags so I just go through the bags and decide which one I am going to do next. I do have a sampler quilt I have been working on for a few years now. When I need a break from what I am working on at the moment I will make a block or two for that. It is all star blocks and I have all the fabrics for it in a big plastic bag along with pattern sheets of different star blocks. I guess I am a little OCD too LOL

Stitchnripper 04-16-2021 06:53 AM

I am the odd ball because I donít have a stash and I finish everything. Mainly because I donít start more than say, 2. I have a project I take to the quilting group when it meets again and something I work on at home. I quilt my own so eventually the group one ends up as my home project. My mojo comes
and goes. I quilt for my own pleasure so Iím fine with this. Days and weeks go by with no quilting. I just do something else til the mood strikes again.

Macybaby 04-16-2021 07:30 AM

I work on as many as I feel like. I still work full time, so if I see something and want to try it, I go for it. If it ends up resulting in a finished top that goes in my "to be quilted" pile, that is fine and if not, that is OK too. I have a LA, and quilt when I feel like it, but if i have over 200 tops ready to be quilted when I retire in five years, I'm OK with that.

I rarely make quilts for a specific reason or recipient, so I rarely have any type of deadline. When a quilt is finished, I find it a home at that time.

There was a time I was getting rather compulsive about my hobbies, and feeling pressure to work on things just to get them done. It started not being that fun so now I give myself permission to do this simply because I enjoy it.

I am actively working on 4 samplers (I do 10 blocks and then switch to the next one) and decided to join the Dresden Plate party, and am nearing the end of the Row Robbin swap. I like to have one machine embroidery quilt project going while piecing, and am getting one wrapped up so could start another. Just assembled a lap size quilt this AM and deciding if I want to call it done or add a border. I've got three tops that need something "fixed" before quilting, and at least 10 waiting to be quilted. And at least two that are quilted and need binding.

I know I've got at least 4 sets of swap blocks I've not assembled, and 4/5 totes of fabric and patterns I've not done anything with, and 4 kits I purchased that I've not started.

I really have no idea how many "started and abandoned" quilt projects I have on hand. I decided to move those totes to the shelf above the cutting table so I'd remember them. Then I need to decide if I want to start working on them again, or send them on their way. I finish most of what I start, so I'm not going to stress over the few that no longer give me enjoyment to work on.

kristijoy 04-16-2021 07:39 AM

I sew quite a bit so I have more of a pipeline.

I try really hard to only have one quilt at a time that needs a binding. Then one quilt on the frame being quilted. I try and keep my stack of 'to-be-quilted' tops under 10. Under 5 is better. I regularly work through these.

After that, I have probably 3 projects in the sewing stage with a couple of leader/ender projects going. I set my triangle leader ender aside because I needed a break from it, and moved onto basic 4 patches.

Then cutting is another story. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to cut out projects. This is my favorite part. I have a closet with shelving that I use for quilts I have cut out. It's like making my own kits. I put them in big plastic bags. Right now I have about 5 cut out ready to be sewn that are calling to me!!!

Every once in a while I look for my oldest UFO (right now a twin sized basket quilt) and make a push to finish that off. Otherwise, most of my projects are kids quilts for project Linus, so they come together quickly. I enjoy basic quilt patterns with fun fabrics!

ppquilter 04-16-2021 07:45 AM

I usually have 5-10 projects going on. Cutting for some, sewing on others.

DJ 04-16-2021 07:45 AM

I usually work on one quilt project at a time, however I do other crafts that are sort of compartmentalized for time of day or activity. For instance, I do a lot of knitting while DH is driving, cross stitch in the evenings after dinner (usually in front of the TV), etc.

Here's a sample of what I worked on last week (no actual quilt projects except the BOM):

Craftermath Control (ALWAYS) WIP
Knit wedding afghan WIP
Napkins for Christmas/winter placemats DONE!
A Quilting Life April BOM DONE!
CCS motifs for BD cards 2 DONE!
CCS motifs for Mother’s Day cards (3) WIP
Barn quilt painting WIP
Hanging towels for DD’s kitchen 1 DONE! 2 WIP
Knit butterfly scarf WIP … found and purchased pattern; purchased yarn
Easter napkins WIP … received fabric order and washed it

Watson 04-16-2021 07:52 AM

I usually have about 3 going at the same time. One top being made, one being quilted and a project that I take to sew-days.

I also have about 8 UFO's that I can work away at whenever the mood strikes me.


Iceblossom 04-16-2021 07:56 AM

I prefer to work at one at a time, but it all depends and a lot of that is how much fabric is out/required. Once the cutting is done and I'm working from a kitted project I'm more flexible. I don't really have any UFOs, but at least one of my "in process" tops is getting close to that designation. I'm hoping to spend time with it this year, it involves paper piecing and I've been working with that to build up to going back to that one.

I keep my projects pretty well organized by keeping them in a project box throughout the process. My "in process" project is in a tub that sits on top of my sewing surface, silently reproaching me for neglect. I cover it so it doesn't get sun faded, but I know It's there.... I get it out and mess around a bit and then put it back in the box.

Sometimes I deliberately have multiple projects, designed so I can have a to-go project, like for something to do during my Tuesday group meetings. It's a motivator finding something that can be done for two hours every week! One of the reasons I do my pinning the way I do is it was one of the only portable stages for my work, first started that at the group before this one, so back around Y2K.

PS: I used to complete each quilt including quilting before moving on to the next one and worked that way for decades. I no longer consider "completed tops" as UFOs. They are complete, just not quite quilts yet.

tallchick 04-16-2021 08:26 AM

I work on one project at a time and I always break it down into sections and work accordingly. I am still learning my new long arm, so I prefer to have at least 2 tops done so I can work back to back on those. This allows me to gain more confidence and experience rather than waiting a month or more between each top and forgetting everything I learned 🤪.
I am however debating working on a fast and easy quilt along with a more involved one just to use more of my stash.

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