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IrishgalfromNJ 11-16-2020 08:05 AM

How Many Quilts Will You Finish This Year?
I work full time and have only been able to finish one quilt this year. It was a project that I worked on over two years. In my defense, I have been distracted with holiday decorations and home decor pieces during the year. How many quilts did you finish this year? And by finish I mean bound and ready to use.

Tartan 11-16-2020 08:53 AM

I finished 3 quilts this year and a bunch of mending and masks. I only have 1 quilt related project on the go for now. I just can’t seem to get into quilting as much with the pandemic going on. I have been doing more reading and fix and repair for family as it comes up.

Iceblossom 11-16-2020 09:09 AM

Short answer: None.

Long answer: In a typical year I complete about 6 twin-queen sized projects and/or a few crib/lap sizes. I've had a hard time this year even though in many ways my life hasn't really changed the world around me has. I found it difficult to motivate myself to start my own projects, but I was able to react to demands placed on me. So I made masks when I had to instead of happy little fun projects.

I had a lot of fun with the Round Robin I participated in. I'm in awe of the talent around me here. We started just at the low point of my year and it was nice (once the anxiety passed) to have something to look forward to each month.

I started the Bonnie Hunter Frolic Mystery last year knowing in advance I had no home for the quilt. Still don't... but am considering someone and that it would be fine in that case knowing the use/washing it would get to just serpentine down the grid on my domestic machine instead of doing anything fancy. I'm currently finishing up a Frolic UFO from a board member who lost her joy in the project, and it seemed sort of like a fun thing for me to do. It has! She did such lovely work and everything was organized and had done soooo many of the teeny tiny little subcombines, I just get to come along and make it bloom :) The assembly of the little units into bigger units and then into blocks and then into the quilt is simply fun and exciting for me, especially without the tedium of what I call the front-loading.

I took several UFOs/thrift store finds and put them into usable sized tops and combined them with backs and bindings and instead of donating finished projects, I donated them to a local board member who wishes to get more confident with her long arm skills before she finds them homes. One of my Tuesday group ladies put out a call that she wanted small donation projects to quilt down and she took a few small projects.

I am planning on doing the new Bonnie Hunter mystery this year even though again, I have no one in mind for this project. I'm going to practice pressing to the side instead of my usual open.

So... no... I didn't get done any of the quilts done I had planned to work on this year. Haven't even worked on most of them at all. But -- I remain upright and sewing and the only deadlines I have (for the most part) are self imposed. There is always next year and the good thing about fabric is it keeps just fine. Now the question is, do I go back to those civil war fabrics or do I move on to the string projects I had thought I'd be working on in 2021. When I say my quilting is roughly planned out for years in advance, it is not a joke.

SusieQOH 11-16-2020 09:22 AM

Start to finish- 6.
A lot more UFO's and other things. My machines got a really good workout this year!

juliasb 11-16-2020 09:38 AM

I have finished 3 so far this year and hope to finish at least one more. It is ready tor binding and I have been wrapped up in making so many more tops that I have neglected to finish it. I have at least 10 tops sitting here that I did this year to complete I know I will not get them completed in 2020 but maybe in 2021???

MicheleC 11-16-2020 09:55 AM

I have done four or five from start to finish. (I canít remember if I started one of them before or after the year started.) I also finished two more that were UFOs, so a total of seven done so far. I have one that is a UFO half quilted and it will be completed this year. Another one is basted and ready to go. I should be able to finish it before yearís end, too. Realistically, Iíll complete nine this year. I am hoping to squeeze in a tenth one but Iím not going to expect too much of myself.

QuiltinGranny2 11-16-2020 12:50 PM

One or two is all I can do in a year since I hand piece and hand quilt. When I start a quilt, there are no deadlines. Hand work is very relaxing to me as long as there's no deadline.

toverly 11-16-2020 01:28 PM

I have finished one this year. But next year I have planned to finish one per month. I have so many ufo's and tops ready to be sandwiched that I don't think it will be a problem. I did this three years ago and it worked great to clear out the sewing room.

dunster 11-16-2020 04:48 PM

It's not a competition. Be proud of what you've done. I didn't even have a hobby when I was working fulltime (unless you count looking after children and DH).

Rose_P 11-16-2020 07:21 PM

Short answer: 3 little quilts finished so far in 2020.
It's been kind of a different year in many ways, as I'm sure everyone has noticed. In addition to sewing over a hundred masks for family and friends, I finished a baby quilt for a new granddaughter, born in January, and another one for my niece's first grandbaby in February, then not long after that I seem to have lost my ability to focus on anything for long. Sewing the masks made me realize how rewarding it can be to finish lots of little things. I started making baby dresses, and after I got the impression that they were not going to get much use, I turned my attention to making other small things for the kids, some for now and some for later. I made a blue denim whale (easy and quick, if not exactly small!) for the grandbaby's big brother, and that was rewarding, as was (more recently) a Halloween costume for my older grandson. I also bought an 18" doll and started making a large wardrobe of doll clothes for my granddaughter to play with when she's a bit older: jeans, a raincoat, a karate outfit, scrubs (including mask and scrub cap and "disposable" shoe covers), a kimono, a clown costume and dresses for all occasions. This is so much fun! I find that tiny projects that can usually be completed in a matter of hours help me to get some sort of steady use from the sewing room and accumulated supplies, and no thought of pandemic or politics ever troubles my mind while I'm in there.
Along the way, I did manage to finish another quilt. I dug out a little bit of stretched star patchwork that I was inspired to make one time more than twenty years ago and finished it as a doll quilt. From there I was inspired by a recent daily deal from MSQC to start another doll quilt with a kitten theme. In addition to the grandchildren, I also have little grand nieces and nephews and one great grand nephew, and they provide more incentive to keep making baby and doll things for awhile.

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