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GiddyUpGo 08-28-2011 04:16 PM

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Hi all, I've been here a couple of times but I'm basically a newbie. I'm working on my second quilt: it's a red and black pattern based on the "Quilt in a Day" log cabin pattern but I'm using 5 inch strips instead of 2.5 inch strips (need to keep it unintimidating!) It's for my six year old son, so I very much doubt he's going to care about the thing that's bugging me, but you know how it is ...

So for the first red square I discovered after I'd already done some cutting that I didn't have enough fabric for all 12 blocks. I had enough for eight. But that didn't bother me too much because I was able to find a similar fabric and I figured I'd just arrange the blocks in such a way that the four different squares were grouped together.

Well I just finished sewing the top this afternoon only to discover that I'd flipped two of the pieces over and now one of the four squares is off to the edge of the quilt, and the other three are grouped in the middle. So I'm wondering, if this were you ... would this bug you enough that you'd rip out those two squares and flip them around? Or is that totally neurotic for a six year old's quilt?

I've attached some pictures: the first it might be kind of hard to see (excuse the half circle shadow at the bottom) but you can see where the four red squares are supposed to be, and the wrong one is the upper of the two on the left. In the second photo you can see where the square is mismatched and in the third you can see how it's supposed to look.

Thanks in advance!!!


The square above is the wrong fabric!

newbee3 08-28-2011 04:21 PM

If it's going to bug you redo it but I would not take it out

Sadiemae 08-28-2011 04:23 PM

I finally understand. It took me awhile. I can't decide for sure what I would do without seeing the whole top. I do agree though--if it will bother you, fix it. Otherwise it will bother you forever. I know people who it would not bother at all, and I know they would be happy to just to leave it. I am definitely not a big help.

irishrose 08-28-2011 04:24 PM

"It won't show on a trotting horse." It's fine, just don't point it out to the quilt's admirers.

The trotting horse remark came the mother of a young lady I made evening wear and bathing suits for the Miss Michigan pageants. I was obsessing over a lump under the arm where I'd joined the elastic before it was inserted. That was her response. It has come in handy a few times since.

I'm looking forward to a picture of the completed quilt. I like red and black together.

mpspeedy 08-28-2011 04:27 PM

Your son won't care he will just love it. Don't make more work for yourself. It's not a quilt until it's done.

butter14562 08-28-2011 04:30 PM

I think it's in your mind only,because you had a plan.Unless it is because of not seeing all of the quilt. I think it looks ok.

Jazzz 08-28-2011 04:31 PM

I think it looks fine. To tell you the truth, it took me a while to figure out the diff in the pics lol. I'll share with you what quilting taught me: "The Amish purposely put mistakes in their quilts because only God is perfect" & "Mistakes add character to your quilt". These were the two mantras I repeated over and over and not just with quilting, with lots of stuff in my life.

From the look of the first pic, the colors are beautiful and I'm sure your quilt is too no matter which way you go.

Butterfli19 08-28-2011 04:32 PM

Even though you are making it for your son who won't care, you have to decide if you will. If you think you will be able to watch him carry that quilt around without letting the oddness bother you, let it go. If not, change it. You know you better than we do!

Sadiemae 08-28-2011 04:33 PM

The more I look at the first picture the more I don't think anyone but you could ever pick up on this.

NancyG 08-28-2011 04:42 PM

I would leave it. It's not that big of a deal and I don't think anyone but you would notice. Your little guy will love it any way you make it, so don't sweat the small stuff!!

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