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juliasb 01-04-2020 08:36 AM

New Accuquilter Go/me
DH gave me a GO/me for a 12th night gift. Just gave it to me a couple days early. Anyway. I have purchased a couple of new dies for it of things I think I will use. I know this machine has limits and I may soon find myself getting a larger machine. Fortunately the dies I do have will work on the larger machine.
This morning I am cutting Apple Core pieces. I have decided to make a scrappy Apple Core quilt. I have already discovered that my seam ripper and I will be best friends on this one. I made my first block a short time ago and it looks pretty good IMHO.

My question is this: For this smaller machine what dies am I likely to get the most out of? Especially if I am thinking of going larger in the not to distant future. I am a traditional patchwork quilter for the most part.

oksewglad 01-04-2020 10:31 AM

First think about what sizes of patchwork you usually use..then decide what sizes you may want. For example, do you use 5" charms alot? Then I would think about a 5" square die.

Enjoy getting those scraps under control!

quiltingcandy 01-04-2020 11:12 AM

I love my strip dies - not sure what they have for the Go Me - but it does help cut straight. And triangles and hexagons are nice too. My first dies were the tumblers - but I haven't made them yet. Once I bought my embroidery machine I got into their appliqué dies and it controls my life. :-)
I buy my dies from the Accuquilt website. If you follow it, they get great discounts and often have free shipping if you spend more than 35.00 - currently they had it for free with no limit. Also, they keep track of what you have already bought and stop you if you start to buy it again. They even have an app so if you are out and about and can't remember if you have a die you can check on your phone. (You can register your dies even if you don't order them from Accuquilt.) (I have the GO. Would love to get the Go Big - but don't really have the space to keep it set up. And the Studio is just too big.)

Rhonda K 01-04-2020 11:42 AM

Yes, there are strip dies that fit the machine. Easy to do a second cut and make squares from the cut strips. There is a quilt planner on the site too.

juliasb 01-04-2020 01:52 PM

Originally Posted by Rhonda K (Post 8347508)
Yes, there are strip dies that fit the machine. Easy to do a second cut and make squares from the cut strips. There is a quilt planner on the site too.

I ordered the strip die a couple days ago. The other things I have to wait for is the 12" cutting mat that I ordered. The dies are coming in faster than the cutting mat.
When I ordered from them the other day I go a free die with the order. There is just so much to consider.

Jingle 01-04-2020 03:56 PM

Very nice you got the cutting machine. It should come in quite handy.

juliasb 01-04-2020 05:15 PM

Originally Posted by Jingle (Post 8347583)
Very nice you got the cutting machine. It should come in quite handy.

I am already finding it very handy. I cut out 140 Apple core pieces today and have sewn together 25 of them so far today. I am making a scrappy quilt so it has been fun going through some of the larger scraps for this project. Right now my biggest problem is I only have the 6" cutting mat. I have ordered the larger mat but it won't be here until the 15th. So until then I am a bit limited.

luvstoquilt 01-05-2020 06:28 AM

I have the regular Go and I use the strip dies the most. I love it and I really enjoy the straight strips!

lindawmn 01-12-2020 03:33 PM

I was in my local quilting shop today and had a credit, so decided to buy the Go Me! since I like to do wool appliqué. I liked the idea that I could do layers of cotton as well. For strips I might use my rotary board cutter (looks like this one: https://www.nancysnotions.com/quilt-ruler-cutter.html) rather than this little Me! I was able to get another two dies on clearance and the cutter for only $5 more than my credit - BONUS!

Interestingly enough, I also bought a Brother Design n' Cut at a local Tuesday Morning on clearance for $60 (could not resist) and managed to use that to cut out 48 little tiny, fiddly holly berries - it was brilliant for that! My husband did point out that a punch hole cutter might've worked if the blade was sharp enough, but it was easy to go onto their software, create one 1/4" diameter circle, then copy past in the other 47. From there all I had to do was use a mat that wasn't overly sticky (the fabric mats they recommend just tore up the wool felt) and I then used painter's tape on all four corners for stability. Five minutes later I had 48 perfectly cut berries! Doing it by hand would've been crazy-making.

Question I have: is the Me! and the Baby one and the same? I think they might be, just a marketing change. It's more versatile then I thought it would be, as you can do a nice-sized square or circle using this cutter. And it definitely isn't so oversize that finding a place for it is tough.

quiltingcandy 01-12-2020 04:13 PM

Yes, the Go Me is a Go Baby - just has a new name. Not sure why, when it was first marketed it came with the Owl die and something else - not sure what all.
Hope you enjoy your -I have the Go and love it.
Also, I highly recommend the Accuquilt storage boxes. They are very sturdy, protect the dies and I put a sticky note on them to label what is in the boxes. For the longer dies I do use the wire holder - but you can get a metal file holder from Office Depot, Walmart, Target or even Goodwill.

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