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Luv2sew4fun 02-12-2017 08:19 PM

Which one do you like better?
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Hi All,
Which top do you like better?? Appliques of butterflies and Flowers will be added.

minibarn 02-12-2017 08:22 PM

They are both pretty but since you asked I like the first one better.

Luv2sew4fun 02-12-2017 08:29 PM

Originally Posted by minibarn (Post 7763429)
They are both pretty but since you asked I like the first one better.

So do I.... Customer wanted the 2nd one. :)

Jane Quilter 02-12-2017 08:49 PM

first one........................................

QM 02-12-2017 11:20 PM

Fine quilts. My preference is the first.

brandy123 02-13-2017 12:43 AM

Both are pretty, but my preference is the first one

Jan in VA 02-13-2017 01:18 AM

I believe the reason most of us seem to prefer the first one is because of the better contrast in value in it. Value is an important consideration in choosing our quilting colors usually. But perhaps the customer particularly wanted/needed a more muted, washed out look in her quilt. Neither is "wrong".

QuiltnNan 02-13-2017 03:59 AM

i like the second one

luvstoquilt 02-13-2017 05:23 AM

I agree with Jan.

sinceresissy 02-13-2017 05:27 AM

I like the second one better.

zozee 02-13-2017 05:30 AM

The first one, because I'm more drawn to brights. But the second is quite soothing with its low contrast.

Watson 02-13-2017 05:40 AM

First one.


Macybaby 02-13-2017 05:56 AM

I like the second one. I'm one of those that does not like a lot of contrast, and really do not like a "pop" of color that designers are always saying you need. To me it often looks like something out of place LOL!!

The good part, I've yet to meet a quilt that someone didn't fall in love with, so they are ALL good :)

tessagin 02-13-2017 05:59 AM

I like the bolder/brighter one but depends on the customer.

Homespun 02-13-2017 05:59 AM

No preference...like both.

Diannia 02-13-2017 07:36 AM

I like them both and at first leaned towards the 1st one but on 2nd look decided that since you will be adding applique I would have also chosen the 2nd one because it's muted and won't distract from the bolder flowers and butterflies. Can't wait to see the finished project...please share!

cjsews 02-13-2017 08:13 AM

I think it would depend on the appliqué pieces

gramajo 02-13-2017 09:18 AM

The second one. The appliques will show up better on these muted colors.

Jordan 02-13-2017 09:48 AM

I like the first one best but both are pretty.

jbj137 02-13-2017 03:28 PM

*** One

sewmuch 02-13-2017 03:45 PM

First one..

Nesie 02-13-2017 03:47 PM

First one but I also am interested in seeing them both with the applique

SharonTheriault 02-13-2017 06:40 PM

First one.

Sandra in Minnesota 02-13-2017 07:45 PM

Both are pretty - but I like the first one better.

lynnie 02-13-2017 09:09 PM

i really love the first one

Annaquilts 02-13-2017 09:46 PM

Both are wonderful but my eye is drawn to the first one. I like more saturated colors. And yes maybe the second one would be the better choice for adding applique. It is hard to say since the applique is not yet added.

LindaJ 02-14-2017 03:06 AM

1st one is my choice but they are both nice

jmoore 02-14-2017 03:28 AM

I like the first one also. Please post when you get your appliqué done.

Taughtby Grandma 02-14-2017 04:39 AM

I like them both, but if I had to choose I would pick the first one.

carolynjo 02-14-2017 05:19 AM

Ditto, Jan.

fivepaws 02-14-2017 06:32 AM

Originally Posted by minibarn (Post 7763429)
They are both pretty but since you asked I like the first one better.

I agree, #1 for me. Of course I would be thrilled to receive either one.

Wanabee Quiltin 02-14-2017 07:22 AM

First quilt.

salederer 02-14-2017 07:36 AM

I like the first one best.

klswift 02-14-2017 08:33 AM

I love when folks ask this type of question. They are both very nice. It depends on who you are giving it to. I have one daughter who absolutely loves anything pastel, so I would give her the second one. Another daughter does not care for anything with pattern (?!?!), so she would get the solid one. And both of them would think they got the 'best' one - and they would both be right! If it is for yourself, lay them on a bed and each time you enter the room, which one does your eye go to first? That is the one you prefer.

crafty pat 02-14-2017 10:46 AM

I like the first. I think if you are going to add butterfly's and flowers the first one is the one I would chose for the background.

Jingle 02-14-2017 11:35 AM

I really like both.

bbeyes 02-14-2017 01:01 PM

I like the colors in the first one better seems to stand out more

cathyvv 02-14-2017 03:39 PM

Second. It's more interesting for me to look at.

Donnamarie 02-16-2017 06:26 AM

I vote for the first one but both are cute.

kittiebug 02-19-2017 12:39 AM

I do like the first one , bright colors :o

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