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tallchick 12-19-2019 11:49 AM

What are you quilting goals for 2020?
Yes, goals those are so much better than resolutions! I did meet half of mine that I set for last year and Iím happy with that. I became comfortable with Prostitcher, Iím using more of my stash and unsubscribing from many many newsletters etc......

My Goals for 2020:

1: Organize and purge patterns, magazines and books.
2: Work more with EQ8.
3: Purge fabrics that I no longer love.
4: Do at least one paper pieced quilt.
5: Stay away from bed sized quilts, Iíve made far too many and they are time consuming.
6: Buy only backing as needed for projects and use what I have when at all possible.
7: Make one quilt with a Minky backing, have really wanted to see how it handles on the long arm.

I always find so much inspiration here so please share your goals for 2020!

Iceblossom 12-19-2019 01:05 PM

This year I have a number of projects that are kitted out and on my mind. I'm particularly trying to use up my collection of Civil War fabrics in the next year, I have one project planned for that but enough fabric for a couple more. I have a couple of smaller donation quilts in mind to use up collections of fabric for quick projects here and there, I do like to have something to work on most days.

My "Barn"/Harvest quilt that requires paper pieced blocks is always on my mind but never being worked on. I just need to sit myself down and start on the easiest blocks and go from there. It's a big stack of fabrics that is always causing issues and I want to get rid of them more than I want to do the blocks. It will be a win/win/win (done blocks, less fabric, better skills) when I do them.

I have other projects that I've kitted out that may or may not be worked on this year. For me I have a sampler of 9 large Lone Stars to be made with snowflake fabrics and looking like snowflakes which would be my January top (I'm doing a series of quilts I'm keeping for myself, a themed one for each month of the year. I don't make one a month, it's an eventual goal), since January isn't always crisp and white here in Seattle I have a silver "cloudy" day fabric too, people from dryer places would probably call it grey. A Christmas themed string quilt is another one all in a box and ready to go. I'm sort of saving it for when I'm having more problems than usual with my eyes, I figure it will be easier than all those triangles I'm doing with the civil war fabrics.

Then I want to get rid of things in the closet of my sewing room. I've purged a lot of fabric in the last 10 years and have gone from a room full to a closet full -- if I could use that closet! My sewing space/life will be much better once that is done.

I have a lot of things that I need/have already designated to purge. Stuff that's been around since my son moved out 10 years ago, things like that :p In the sewing room closet for example, are some down sleeping bags -- I'm allergic to down, my son is vegan, and if life is so bad that I need to worry about sleeping in a bag, then I'm going to have bigger regrets than having gotten rid of them.

If I clean out the closet in his old room, I can drill a hole through the wall and connect the tv in the master bedroom to the internet, the way our house is the router doesn't do it. Then I can put my clothes in there, which means the hubby can take his clothes out of the laundry room and into the master closet. And when I clear out the junk and find better options to store the sentimental things like the old Jenny Lind spool bed frame I'm not quite ready to get rid of, I will actually have room in my sewing room, not just a little channel from desk to door. I'll like that. With the newly cleared space, I should be able to move the family piano that needs work but is too full of sentiment to get rid of into the sewing room and still have a large open space -- that will allow us to have a couch in the computer/family room.

Probably won't get to it this year, but next year seems good. Need to go through the "laundry room" which is mostly storage separated off the garage. Want to get a freezer and put it in there, we'd like to move to more ethically produced "locker" meats, especially pork and need the larger space.

Tartan 12-19-2019 01:20 PM

​I am working through quilting my tops. I have 3 more to do in the new year and then I can start on new tops.

DACO48 12-19-2019 01:27 PM

Clean up my UFO's before I start anything new.

osewme 12-19-2019 02:31 PM

My goal for 2019 was to finish a Cal. King "quilt" for our bed. Well, I didn't get it finished but did make good progress. It's the one that I've decided not to put batting in & will just quilt the top & bottom as DH & I don't want it so heavy that we can't sleep under it. So, I guess you would probably call it a "spread". Well, that 2019 goal is now flowing over into 2020. I really need to make better use of my time. :)

my-ty 12-19-2019 02:35 PM

My 2019 quilting goals really helped me. This year, is the first time that all my projects started were finished in the same year. I also completed two UFOs from previous years. I didn't do as well with my goals for improving my skills but will continue to grow my skills.

My goals for 2020 include 4 new projects and finishing 2 old projects. Again, I have included a reward of adding another new project for every 3 completed projects. Since I enjoy piecing and struggle with quilting, my skill improvements include techniques that will help me finish my projects. My goals for skill improvement include more challenging quilting stitching (FMQ or spiral design), a Quilt as you Go, and redesigning a UFO (was a mystery quilt) into a layout that I like!

maryb119 12-19-2019 03:20 PM

My goals are;

!. To learn to use rulers with my long arm
2. To finish a few UFO's
3. To continue making quilts that are on my 'list'
4. To use more fabrics from my stash.

I can't think of any more right now. I enjoy quilting and have done a lot more of it this year since I retired.

oksewglad 12-19-2019 03:27 PM

Thanks for starting this thread tallchick. Goals give us direction and help us plan our course of action.

1. Finish a quilt and not let it go to UFO land.
2. Continue to work on the UFO quilts. Our guild offered a challenge this fall for the coming year and this has been a great incentive for me. (I'm also on the UFO challenge thread on the QB.)
3. Use as much fabric from my stash to make quilts and only buy what is needed to finish a quilt.
4. Make #2 Grand's graduation quilt. He doesn't graduate until 2021, but I want to be ahead of the game when in comes to making graduation quilts. #1's quilt is done for this spring, but #3 and#4 are in 2022.
5. Make donation quilts (small and mini) for Grand's grade school, local hospital, and fall church fundraiser.
6. Continue to work on FMQ skills on the LA. I'm now using pantographs and enjoy it.

hobbykat1955 12-19-2019 03:46 PM

Do a joint Skype project with my friend "My Small World". We will meet on skype once a mth to show and tell the block we picked the prior mth for completion.
I have abt 4 Laura Heine collage patterns to tackle
What to do another Happy Village from Karen Eckmeier

sewingitalltogether 12-19-2019 04:10 PM

I haven't started my list for 2020 yet. Had a rough 2019 and didn't get much done. But I did make progress on each item. The only new one is a quilt for the DGD. I'm collecting blues, browns and creams. And am going to do Edyta Sitars book Sew In Love. I'd like to actually finish a few things in 2020.

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