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Thread: Question About Making Prints Permanent

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    Question About Making Prints Permanent

    I am in the process of doing a quilt for each of my grandchildren and have run into a problem. I ordered the "Working Girls Set 1" for my 8 year-old granddaughter and the package directions have me puzzled.

    American Quilt Blocks: www.OldeAmericaAntiques.com
    [email protected]

    Care Directions (as needed)
    Colorfast for hand washing; use water and mild (neutral PH) detergent; an example of a a neutral PH detergent is Ivory.
    Air Dry
    Iron reverse side of image on low setting.

    My question(s):
    1. Do these conservative methods of care mean the blocks will fade in a quilt that has to be washed now and then?
    2. Is there a way to make sure the blocks do not fade? Can the blocks be treated to make them permanent?
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    Super Member humbird's Avatar
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    I can't answer your question, but just want to thank you for posting this lovely site.

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    Write www.OldeAmericaAntiques.com
    [email protected]

    In otherwords, go to the source. I sure wouldn't want to put something that could gradually wash away into a quilt for a child! Good luck!

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    I looked at the website; this is fine art printing on cotton sateen fabric. I think if there were a way to make these prints absolutely permanent, they would have either done it already or provided directions for doing it. Since these are sold for making quilts, my bet is that they will fade a little with washing but not disastrously. You would still want to wash these quilts with much more care than usual -- sticking to cold water, ph-neutral detergent, and air drying. I would also be careful not to subject them to a lot of agitation. Hand agitating in a top-loading washer is easier on quilts than letting them go through the agitation cycles (or even tumbling in a front loader).

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    I would be hesitant to use them in a quilt that would see a lot of wear and tear. I've had issues with items I've printed myself fading after only a few washes, even when I was very careful to use exactly the paper/fabric recommended and followed instructions to the letter. I would hate to spend all the time creating something for your granddaughter and then have it fade. Any way you could test just one?
    "Piecin' a quilt's like livin' a life...The Lord sends us the pieces, but we can cut 'em out and put 'em together pretty much to suit ourselves, and there's a heap more in the cuttin' and the sewin' than there is in the caliker...I've had a heap of comfort all my life making quilts, and now in my old age I wouldn't take a fortune for them." (Eliza Calvert Hall, Aunt Jane of Kentucky)

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