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Thread: Quilt Software

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    Junior Member swimmom's Avatar
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    Apr 2008
    What are the pros/cons of EQ6 and Perfect Quilt/Quilt Pro 5?

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    Member desertdebbe's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Marana, Arizona
    I have EQ5 and some other quilting software. For me personally it
    wasn't worth the cost. One of those things I was going to use but
    rarely have. If you are one of those highly creative types who likes
    to design your own blocks and patterns then you'll love it. If you're the
    average quilter who finds a pattern and makes it you will probably be
    like me and thousands of others who wish they'd bought fabric instead. :oops:

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    Power Poster amma's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    Out searching for some sunshine :-)
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    If I had it to do over again I would buy EQ5 instead of EQ6, only because of the restrictions on how many times you can activate it before you are charged more money. I love being able to play with quilt designs, blocks, and can print out my own templates and foundaton pieces. I don't know anything about the other programs, so I can't help you there. I do know that EQ has a simplified version that is much cheaper, but does not have as many of the options the full version has. You can check them both out at http://www.electricquilt.com

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    Super Member Rose Marie's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Clay Springs AZ
    I have Quilt Wizard which is made by the same company and only costs twenty seven dollars. I dont use it much but it has come in handy for seeing block designs in different settings and colors.
    Also it is great for sizing blocks. You cannot design your own blocks but it has a nice library of blocks to choose from. Also each month the website gives a free quilt pattern to download. It is worth the small cost.

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    Apr 2008
    SW AL
    as said in the other thread, I have EQ6, and I am not familiar with other programs...

    1 - any quilt (block) can be resisized - to me this is a MAJOR PRO.... say there's a block you've seen in a book or mag that you love but it's only 8" square - you want to make it but you want it, say for instance, 12"... and your brain immediately goes into lock down and your eyes cross even trying to think about all that math.... EQ6 does it for you...

    2 - you can see how a quilt will look with/without sashing, change the size of the sashing, use all kinds of different stuff for sashing, etc etc

    3 - you can import fabrics and play around with the actual fabrics you have, change colors etc

    4 - you can print templates for a block

    5 - you can print the rotary cutting instructions for a block

    6 - you CAN print out the yardage needed for a whole quilt :oops: sigh

    7 - you can play around with changing the blocks in a quilt - for instance, pick out which blocks you want in a sampler, change them around, recolor, resize etc

    8 - the eq company has a fantastic website

    there are more "pros" but that gives you an idea

    CONS (and to me these are MAJOR CONS)

    1 - You are only allowed 4 installations for your $$$$$$$

    2. - You HAVE to have internet access just to install the program (It 'phones home') - yes, before somebody tells me, "well you do have internet access".... I'm well aware of that - I'm typing away on the internet right this very instant... but .. for instance .... one of the FIRST things people shut off when the bills are stacking up is internet access... and when a program is $$$$ and you have a hard drive crash and had to let your internet service go but you for sure want to keep your quilting fix going, it's a major insult to me that they FORCE YOU to either get internet or lose the use of the $$$$ program.....

    3 - There are no instructions on how to sew a block. Now this one is 'iffy' on the con list. Some blocks are exceedingly simple to sew and this is not a major concern. Some are very complicated.
    Most blocks I've seen so far in the program I've also seen in magazines and books etc so there's always the possibility of instructions around. There again - you need access to internet, books etc.
    OTOH the program in no way claims to teach you HOW to quilt - it's to help you DESIGN a quilt.... and it majorly EXCELS at that

    Would I buy it again? Knowing now what I do about the 4 installation limit - NO, but knowing now blah blah, I would probably get EQ5 because apparently it does not have those limitations....

    As I said before, I really resent being treated as a criminal.... I don't care WHAT Jane Doe did with her version of the program to 'cause' this to happen - I am NOT Jane Doe and I did NOT cheat the company in any way shape or form, therefore don't tell me (by restricting my USE OF A PROGRAM THAT I PAID $$$$ FOR) that you think I just might be a criminal!

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    Super Member wraez's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Adelanto, CA
    Yikes, I didn't realize there were only so many times you could download or upload or whatever!

    I got EQ5 New on ebay at a decent price almost 2 yrs ago, didn't install it until right about the time that EQ6 came out and thought what a dumb thing I did but I have heard some people like 5 better.

    Never really learned how to use it, my computer crashed in Nov 07 and I still haven't loaded it back into the computer...maybe a good thing.

    I have friends who love theirs and use them all the time and have offered to help me (I'm a hands on learner, not a book learner, and I did watch the tutorial numerous times but still didn't benefit that much from it) .

    One day I plan on trying it again.

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    Senior Member QuiltingTurtle's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Rhode Island
    I went to their website and actually read the policy about the 4 registrations. If your computer crashes or anything like that, where you have to load it back on the SAME machine. It does not count as a registration.

    If you go and read their guidelines they are very specific about what does and does not count as a registration. It was very helpful and made my decision to go ahead and buy it easier.

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    Super Member wraez's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Adelanto, CA
    hmmmm, not very computer literate

    How does it know if it went on the same computer if you had to replace the hard drive? :roll:

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