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Thread: Quilt Sold for $70,000

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    Feb 2010
    That is so awesome.Man I could buy a long arm LOL

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    Central Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mornigstar
    Quote Originally Posted by madamekelly
    Quote Originally Posted by Maride
    The quilt must be huge! All that little detail in the hand embroidery! Absolutely amazing. I am very happy to see a quilter that values her time and don't sell until the price is right. It is hard to do when you are trying to sell for necessity. I don't think I would sell any of mine if it wasn't because I need to. I enjoy the process and always try to work on things I like and when I am done is hard to part with, so I can understand why she took to long to make up her mind.
    Your guess of size is off. It is 2 meters (a meter is less than a yard.) It is approx. 5' x 5'. If you use some of her links, you can see she has done whole scenes in miniature on it! I am impressed! It gives me something to aspire to.

    You have measurements wrong .
    A yard is 36 in but a meter is 39. + inches -almost 40 "
    Beauty is in the eye of beholder !!!!!
    Thank you for the correction. I am wrong more than I am right. LMBO

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    well i am impressed !

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    Victoria, Australia
    Way to go Robyne.

    I remember seeing some of your handcrafts about 25 or so years ago at a few local festivals - way back when!

    Good to see you receive a "nice" financial return after years of polishing your craft.

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    I love crazy quilts. To me, they are truly works of art. The only way I can describe it is the same as looking at Oriental rugs....the workmanship, colors and patterns are fabulous! The same with crazy quilts, the textures, colors, artwork, stitches just fascinate me. What a wonderful job!

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    The Patch, Victoria, Australia
    [quote=wvdek] What type of thread or threads did you use? In your Blog, you had mentioned DMC. I imagine you used DMC embroidery floss and DMC Pearl Cotton. Wonder how many skeins you went through.
    Did you have a embroidery/needlepoint 'bible' handy to help with the stitches? Which ones/s?
    Ok...I used DOROTHY BOND'S 'CRAZY QUILT STITCHES' for border inspiration. I was given another book, 'TREASURY OF CRAZY QUILT STITCHES' by CAROLE SAMPLES, which would have been great at the time! Gorgeous! Amazing. I used some of them on my crazy carpet bag.
    An all time favourite book for everything is NEEDLEWORK BY THÉRÈSE DE DILLMONT, now online at


    This is the one (of two) to take when you get shipwrecked or have to run from a burning house (something we worry about here in the hills). You will find a couple of things taken straight from its pages. The other is 'SAMPLERS & STITCHES' by MRS ARCHIBALD CHRISTIE. I love that book even more, I think.
    As for threads...! I bought every thread possible! But I found that, by the end of it all, I was using mostly DMC stranded (which was easily available and I had them all for cross stitching).
    I like to blend myself. For example, with the fern. I used 2 strands. Firstly 2 strands of shade A, next, 1 x shade A with 1 x shade B, then 2 x shade B... and so on. It's simple and effective. You can run a thrid shade with it. Say you used the grades of green, but had a gold going too, dark to bright? Or copper to gold? The mind boggles with possiblilites!
    It would be interesting to know how much thread went into this quilt. More interesting to see how much I bought and still have! And still buy!
    On each of the nine patches, I wanted both intricate and fine work, and coarser, bolder stitching. Perle is gorgeous stuff. So, it's just an elaborate excuse to buy thread and exotic fabrics.
    The main thing is, Rather than make a dozen things in a hurry, I thought I'd do it all on that quilt. It was meant to be much, much simpler too! It's a big sampler and I like to try new things.
    As for being a quilt... it has four layers. The surface that you see is sewn onto torn up sheeting (blocks). The individual blocks are sewn onto a large sheet as well, so the weight is distributed over it all. Some motifs go through these layers, for strength. Actually I couldn't wait to put it together. Then a lining on the back that would hang loose excepting I've done ties all the way through, right across the whole.
    But I know what you mean about it not being a quilt, even though it is! I get it. Crazy is part of the tradition though, don't forget.
    Anyway, it doesn't matter. It's all good fun. The funnest.

    Fern. The colour is less garish in truth. And maybe 1" bigger than the picture here.
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    Kentucky live in WV
    Such talent, devotion, a real work of art and represents the quilting world so well. We are all lucky that quilts are now being valued as they should be.

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    Apr 2010
    This is nothing short of amazing, a true work of art that I'm sure is more than three-dimensional to look at in person! Congratulations Robyne on the recognition for your hard work.

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    Oct 2010
    Brooklyn, NY
    Quote Originally Posted by cjomomma
    That is a very interesting quilt but it just looks like a mess to me. That is just my humble opinion so please don't get mad at me.
    I have to agree. Especially regarding art, things are worth what someone will pay for them.

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    Dec 2009
    I'm not showing this article to my husband, he'll expect me to make one like it. :shock:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twisted Quilter
    I'm not showing this article to my husband, he'll expect me to make one like it. :shock:
    :lol: :lol:

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    Happy Valley, South Australia
    Robyne spent approx. 3,000 hours to make this masterpiece, and for some it is to busy, but can you imagine the number of hours that people will spend looking at it, that have looked at it, each time you look at it you will see something that you missed last time.

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    Nov 2008
    I think it is fantastic. I keep going back to look at it one more time.. it's beautiful.

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    Wow! the quilt is gorgeous. $70,000 Wow

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    Amazing hand work this woman does...

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    Jul 2009
    A million dollar view!
    Came back for another look-see. I could spend hours looking at this.
    Oh, and I have the Crazy Quilt stitch book you talked about. Found it at my libraries book sale for $1.00.

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