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quilt vs down comforter

quilt vs down comforter

Old 12-22-2021, 02:12 PM
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Default quilt vs down comforter

Okay Hive Mind, I need some feedback.... one of my sons moved out and we're turning his room into a guest room. I bought a down comforter but I'm wondering... if I put a quilt on top of the comforter (because the quilt is prettier), will I lose the insulating power of the down, because the quilt will sort of smoosh it?
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I sleep with one or more quilts until it gets too cold, and then I switch to a down comforter. I wouldn't want to have a quilt on top of the comforter when I'm sleeping, because one of the nicest things about the down is that it's so lightweight. I don't know if a quilt on top would change the warming power of the comforter because I haven't tried it. But if the comforter were in a guest room, I would put a quilt on top and take it off when the bed is in use. And you're right - a quilt is prettier!
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Too me, the key is "sleep" or "appearance". I'd put the prettier quilt on during the day and remove it to sleep. Our guest room usually has a quilt on the bed over the comforter. Most of our guests take off the comforter as it's too hot.

I too like the lightweight of a down comforter... if the room is cool enough.
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The more layers you add the warmer it gets.
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Old 12-23-2021, 07:03 AM
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Yes you will lose the insulating power of the down. Maybe just have the quilt come off the bed at night and then fluff up the down blanket and lay only that on the bed. There's nothing like the featherweight warmth of a down comforter. Have you thought of making a duvet quilt top for the down comforter?
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Originally Posted by alaskasunshine View Post
Have you thought of making a duvet quilt top for the down comforter?
Wouldn't that also mash the down comforter?
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When I go to the cabin in the winter, it is hovering near freezing inside, when I arrive. I have flannel sheets, a down comforter, with a flannel cover and a quilt on top, plus one or 2 dogs and up to 3 cats. I put a hot water bottle in the bed too.

After the first night the cabin has warmed up, and I take the quilt off the bed, as it would be too hot to keep it on the bed.
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When I had a down comforter on the bed, I made a duvet cover for it The top of the cover was pieced and quilting to flannel. It worked very well and you get the look of a quilt with the warmth of a comforter. If you use flannel it won't make it heavy enough to mash down the comforter. Win-win!

Edit: I didn't put a back on the top. I just quilted it to a piece of cheap Joann's flannel that I had washed and dried. It worked great and wasn't heavy.

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I am allergic to down and even though I have tried it a number of times I end up scratching myself raw. So I pile on the quilts. Between my body heat and the weight of the quilts I am a comfortable as can be. DH not so lucky so he just cuddles into me. So the quilts are always enough for us.
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I have a quilt on the bed, and in winter, add a comforter to the foot of the bed. it's folded into thirds, mimicking the look of a bed runner. the beauty of a quilt and, when a guest needs more, they can just pull up the comforter over the quilt.
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