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QUILT without batting

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I have used sheets for batting. For some, I will use a flannel sheet. I just completed a very large quilt for a bedspread. Because it is so large, I put the thinnest polyester batting inside. It is very lightweight and gives the quilt just a little puffiness which is what I wanted for this quilt/spread.
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Originally Posted by livestoquilt1954 View Post
My appliqué quilt top is so heavy that it will not move through my domestic machine to do free motion or ruler work. Any suggestions? I thought I needed to use a different batting but it is not the problem. I’m thinking I may have to take it to a long armer.
What kind of machine are you using? I have heard that many use vintage or antique machine for quilting, that the modern machines can't handle.

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Originally Posted by quiltsfor View Post
I would think polyester batting produces a quilt that is more lightweight, than a cotton or wool batting. Have you thought about using a polyester batting?
I've never used a polyester batting, as I always use cotton batting, but perhaps others that do will chime in.
Originally Posted by Rff1010 View Post
Just fyi for the person who recommended polyester batting. I'm doing some longarm work for a friend who supplied polyester batting - and it's a bitch and a half to work with. So puffy. I'm getting pleats all over the place and it's hard to baste the edges because they keep turning under the foot. I'm in ducking hell. If you quilt it yourself - might want to try just straight lines - walking foot.
Originally Posted by QuiltBaer View Post
Rff1010, what you are experiencing is unusual. Usually all I ever use is poly and I quilt my quilts on a Nolting. I don't ever have these problems. The batting must be a high loft?
I buy the thinnest loft poly available at Marshall's Dry Goods, 5 or 6 ounce. I love how the quilts turn out, minimally quilted. They are light and fluffy but just as warm as cotton or 80/20. I do compress the area I'm quilting a bit with my hands, which is easily done on a sit down longarm or a domestic machine. My friend who has a longarm on a frame can't stand to quilt this batting because the longarm can't compress it like a pair of hands on a table can do. So that may make the difference, Rff1010.
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