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Thread: Quilting on plastic

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    Dec 2006
    Hey there....I am a new sewer/quilter/creative mind. I am trying to sew my plastic product bags together for bags, blankets-even tho I haven't made this kind yet-& purses. I have started just by making blocks with my Starbucks coffee bags; the machine is working fine, set to 2-3 stitch lenght, zigzag, tension at 4.5, and I'm cooking along.

    Then, like my worst nightmare, the bobbin thread just starts to skip, and gather and stop my progress. :( I was only on the phone for 1/2 hr and it was working before the phone call....and hasn't stitched correctly yet. SIGH.....I haven't rewound my bobbin yet-since that is the cause-but I will try it soon. I even had my huband rethread the machine and try it. Same problem with the bobbin thread. :?:
    So, if you can help me, please do.
    This is my first brand new machine, bc my others were from goodwill and hand me downs...so I'm super frustrated.

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    Dec 2006
    Vancouver, WA
    Jennifer, I'm confused about what you're trying to do and the type of bags you are using - are they the 'soft' plastic like Target store bags or more crinkly like Walmart bags? Or are they paper merchandise bags?

    What type of machine do you have?

    I've *never* sewn with paper or plastic on my machine, I've been afraid of damaging needles, gears, and other mechanics of the machine. I do have a friend though who likes to use fancy stitches on paper for her scrapbooking and she uses an old 1940's metal monstrosity of a Kenmore, a model that is virtually indestructable. Her paper through is thinner, and she uses sets aside needles just for that.

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    Nov 2006
    Shelton, Fairfield County, CT
    Hi Jennifer
    How old is the needle? You should replace the needle every 8 hours of use; since you are sewing something else other than fabric, it is probably dull. If that doesn’t fix your problem, take the bobbin out and clean, with a brush the whole area; if you can get the throat plate out, do it and clean that area also. Perhaps you have lint or little bits of plastic in that area. Since it is a new machine, are you sure it is properly threaded? Get the booklet and follow the instructions.
    Good luck :D

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    May 2007
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    I have sewn on plastic when I made a raincoat and some tote bags. I found that I needed to place a sheet of tissue paper on either side of my fabric and stitch through it. This prevented slipping and allowed the feed dogs to work as they had something to grip. When I finished stitching, I tore away the tissue. Your threads may be bunching up as the feeding of the fabric gets caught up and doesn't run as it would with woven fabrics.

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    Mar 2007
    I've had that happen before and I alway find it to be in my bobbin. I remeove the bobbin case, it sometimes, when working with various fabrics will get off kelter, sort to speak. I remove the bobbin case. Make sure to clean all lint and threads that sometimes collect under the case as well as inside the casing. Always clean with a dry soft brush, I never oil the bobbin case or surronding area of bobbin case, check your tension, and rethread. That has helped me on more then one occassion. Your sewing machine manual is the Bible for your machine and keep it next to your machine, it helps to keep you on the right track and to really learn your machine. I even make notes in my book as to stitch combos, or/and problems that I write the solution to. It's like learning the ways and and cries of your new baby. Sorry I sound fanatical, but I am when it comes to sewing.

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    Jun 2007
    J- try placing paper on top of the bags, and u might need to put it under also, I use pampered chef's parchment paper for some things & it keeps them from shifting. J

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    Jan 2007
    western Pa.
    Jennifer-I'm confussed.. are these grocery bags from walmart?
    you might need a special foot and plate. I don't know how you can keep the bags from getting sucked it. Donna

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