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Thread: Red, Black, and White Quilt

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    Junior Member nnewman's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    In the last two weeks or so, someone posted a picture of a Red, Black, and White Quilt they had recently finished. They used a pattern from a magizine page. I've searched all my magagines and this board and can't find that post. I've collected all my black, white, and a little red fabric and it is driving me nuts that I can't find the pattern. Can anyone help?

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    Super Member gmaybee's Avatar
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    I think it was debumpress that had the quilt posted.
    Yes it was her. If you go to her list of topics it was under My favorite colors in a quilt. She also has My favorite colors in a quilt 2. That gives the pattern name and where you can find it.

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    Here is one too. I loved the one Deb made too but can't pat 20 bucks for the book right now :(
    There are a few others here two, searh red black and white at the top .

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    Quote Originally Posted by raedar63

    Here is one too. I loved the one Deb made too but can't pat 20 bucks for the book right now :(
    There are a few others here two, searh red black and white at the top .
    Why do you need the book? The toughest part is figuring out how much yardage, but I bet someone here could help you figure that out.

    Here's what I figure you need in *types* of fabric for this quilt (measurements are CUT measurements, not finished):

    -- Four different fabrics that have a black background; these will be used for the four different large squares (they're either 4x4 or 5x5 I think) within each square set.

    --- One of these black fabrics is also used as a 2.5x2.5" square between each point of the large square.

    -- Four different fabrics that have a white background; these will be used for the 2.5" x 4 (or 5)" rectangles within each square set.

    -- one red fabric for four 2.5x2.5" accent squares used in each square set.

    -- a solid or mostly solid white fabric to be used as the borders around each square set. These are cut in 2.5" widths

    For each large square set, make four smaller square sets:

    1. Take one 5x5 black-background square, sew it together with one white-background rectangle, along the long edge.

    2. Take another white-background rectangle and sew it end to end with a red square.

    Then sew #1 to #2.

    Repeat until you have four small square sets. Then following the photograph, sew the four small square sets together.

    Repeat, using the same fabric choices and layout as you did for the first large fabric square, until you have -- oh it looks like she has 49 large-square sets. (This will depend how large you want your quilt.)

    Cut the 2.5"-wide white border fabric to lengths that match the finished-so-far dimensions of the large-square sets. You will need at least 98 of these. I think you'll need 98+14 (for a 7x7-square quilt).

    Making sure that all your large-square sets are facing the same way as each other:

    Sew one white strip each to the left-edge side of each large-square set. You will have 49 large-square sets each with a white border strip down the left side.

    Take 56 (I think) 2.5"-wide white border strips; sew 56 red 2.5x2.5" squares onto one end only of these strips. You will now have 56 white strips each topped by a black square.

    Attach one each of 49 of these these to the *adjoining* side of the large-square set. (The remainder will be used on the outer edge of the quilt.) Doesn't matter which adjoining side, just that it's the same adjoining side for each and every large-square set.

    You will now have 49 large-square sets that on two adjoining edges have a white border "joined" at the corner with a black square.

    Now lay out these squares so that they are diamonds instead of squares. Then sew them together row by diagonal row.. Attach the remaining "black-tipped" white strips on the side of the quilt that is missing.

    I can't see what she did with the edges. Are they "scalloped"? Or did she make "half-diamonds" to "square out" the edges? If the latter, figure out how many half-large-square sets you'll need; make HALF that many full large-square sets, then cut each diagonally (all in the same direction). These could either be sewn on to the end of each row BEFORE sewing the rows together (easier) or sewn IN to the resulting "triangle-shape" spaces AFTER sewing all the rows together (less easy).

    Draw out all the above on a piece of paper!

    mmm... maybe you should spend the $20 after all! ;-)

    -- Jillaine

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