Now that my D1 has been fixed, I don't regret the decision to purchase her at all. She has enough features and stitches, plus the embroidery capability - I can't imagine a project I couldn't do with her. I want to learn Heirloom sewing; got the stitches already. Piecing is much easier, and I can quilt in the ditch without a walking foot because of the Sensor System.
Not having a presser foot lever is just one less thing I have to do.

It seems all of the major brands are coming out with new top of the line machines this year - which is a great gift in its own way. Lots of people are trading in older, previous TOL models - which means you may be able to get a pretty fantastic machine for way under what you'd expect. The TOL machines are built very well, and will last a very long time with a little care. Warranty won't be an issue; none of the major companies warranty any machine for commercial use anyway.

Do some checking around in your area, and see who's name pops up over and over as a referral for machine repair - and start looking there. A good dealer is worth way more than the price of the machine; you can get classes in how to use it to the fullest extent, fun project classes and a great place to go for inspiration.