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Default Rotary Cutting Mat

Recommendations please for a good cutting mat that doesn’t have cancer and reproductive health warning
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Old 10-26-2023, 01:26 AM
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I learned about the Ecopeco cutting mat from listening to the podcast A Quilting Life. No harmful chemicals.

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Old 10-26-2023, 03:26 AM
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Oh dear. I didn't know any mats were health hazards. Please share which ones do?
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We all have to make determinations on things. The Ecopecoart mat is the only one a quick google shows me as being "safe". I am seeing reports on warning labels going back more than 10 years, mostly for Californian requirements.

So my personal determination is that if am willing to store food in plastic containers/cling wrap then possible transference or issues of cutting mats is not an issue for me.

I might not choose to work at a factory that makes mats, but I feel confident in using them for quilting. If they start wearing out/fraying, I replace them and would expect that I am not breathing in particulates nor do I put food on my mats. Someone with a lot of environmental issues or a severely compromised immune system may wish to make other determinations. Again, it is up to the person but if you are concerned about your cutting mat, you may wish to use non-plastic handled scissors for your cutting needs.

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Same as Iceblossom. I see no harm in using a cutting mat that is in good repair/shape.

No matter what we do, or use, there are warnings about it being safe. Some warnings are even silly, like - I saw on a cardboard box once that held a microwave meal: 'Warning: do not eat outer box or plastic cover'. Even some of the meds I take have warnings, that though it will help my illness/health problem, it could also kill me or cause cancer.

A lot of warnings are only there to protect the manufacturer from lawsuits.

While I'm not about to go out and stand in a vapor cloud of chemicals, I also can't live in a bubble - that would probably also have a label on it that it may cause cancer.

You can be careful without being paranoid. For instance, for myself, when I purchase an item that has a strong odor to it (some plastics, rubber items, silicone items), I will generally open it up and let it outgas a bit before moving it into a smaller area where I would use it, where there is less ventilation.

Only you can judge for yourself after reading the warnings. If you don't feel safe, don't use it. If you do, use it correctly.

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I don't want to fret over if my cutting mat will kill me or not. I'll take my chances.
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I'm just glad I don't live in California, because everything there causes cancer. Lol.

I agree with the statement that a lot of manufacturers put warning labels to deflect liability. Doesn't necessarily mean the item actually causes cancer.
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I just bought a plastic insert for my sewing machine today and it has the Prop 65 California warning. I was also looking at an exercise bike that has the same warning. I think everything sold in California has that warning.
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I generally use stuff as long as I can if I don't notice anything wrong with it. Items will off gas some of the manufacturing chemicals for a while. I have put things like cutting mats in a separate area where they can off gas in peace and quiet. I do try and store leftovers in my glass containers for the most part and never use plastics in the microwave. I also don't use a lot of sprays or chemicals in the house if I can avoid it (OK I am not the best housekeeper so it is good to have an excuse why my house wouldn't pass a white glove test). It is impossible to avoid all carcinogens today. And I don't think anyone really knows what the significance is of those microplastics bits that are now being found in everything including people. Yep, really need to lose the plastic bag habit.
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Originally Posted by peckish View Post
i'm just glad i don't live in california, because everything there causes cancer. Lol.

I agree with the statement that a lot of manufacturers put warning labels to deflect liability. Doesn't necessarily mean the item actually causes cancer.
same! Lol
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