The Monthly Pot Holder Swap is meant for those quilters who are interested in a program to see other people's Pot Holders.

Size will be at least 8 inches, no larger than 9 inches. Any shape as long as the size has for 8 inch, 64 square inches or 9 inches 81 square inches.

The following is the guide lines for making your Pot Holder by the month: September--Harvest; October--Halloween; November--Thanksgiving; December--Religious; January--Snowy; February--Valentines Day; March--Windy & cold; April--Showers; May--FLowers; June--Wedding; July--Patriotic; August--Hot, hot weather.

When you register your name will be placed on a list. The last week of each month you will be notified who your partner will be. This partner will change each month.

Your Pot Holder should be mailed so your partner will receive it the third week of the month or before. USPS is the preferred mail vehicle.

Please put your name on the back of the Pot Holder. A mailing label is preferred. If you do not have mailing labels use a regular label and write your name and address on it.

To register, Send me a PM with your name and address. I will respond.

Failure to receive your Pot Holder by the last day of the month, PM your partner of that fact. There could have been an error in the address or was lost by the USPS. Also, when you receive your Pot Holder send a PM to your partner Thanking her.