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Thread: sewing machine, how close to the front edge of the table?

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    sewing machine, how close to the front edge of the table?

    I'm having my DH put a hole in a table for me and I was wondering how far back from the front it should be. Do you like your sewing machine back a little further so you have a little room for your fabric to lie flat before it goes through the machine? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I asked this very question and this is what I was advised. I decided to base it on how I sit and comfortable distance for my arms to reach out.

    this is what I ended up with:


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    I have the extension table close to the front edge, it just fits the sewing cabinet top my machines sit on. Perfect for me.
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    I have mine about the distance of my extension table from the edge. If you move it too far in, it makes it harder to see the needle for detail work. Good posture is important at your sewing table and you don't want to be hunched over trying to see.

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    I have my Juki very close to the front edge of the table because I use the knee lever to raise the pressure foot hands-free and the knee lever is too shallow to place the machine further back on the table.

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    I just measured, and my needle is 8" from the front of the table. It works for me, but I didn't intentionally set it up that way. I purchased the table and inset, and that's what I got.

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    I have an old Singer sewing machine desk that I bought in the late 70s. The opening is 5.5" from the front. Fortunately, my Bernina fits great in the well of the desk. You need it to be the right height with your chair. There are some books that discuss the height and position one should be in to sew comfortably.
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    Like Dunster I measured and my cabinet had it such that the needle is 9-9 1/2" from the front edge of my cabinet. I like having a longer length because I do use The Angler II for sewing HST's that are large.
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    When you don't have the issue of the knee control, it can be better to push the machine back a little. Helps with posture, vision, and lining up fabric before it goes under the needle. How much farther back probably depends somewhat on your height and other individual characteristics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jingle View Post
    I have the extension table close to the front edge, it just fits the sewing cabinet top my machines sit on. Perfect for me.
    A couple years ago, I bought a dining room table on an auction, for the purpose of using it for a sewing table. I had my husband cut a hole in it for my sewing machine to sit down in. I, too, had a hard time deciding exactly where to have teh hole cut in. I use my extrension tray on my machine so I have it so that the front of the extension tray is right near the front edge of teh table. Works perfect that way for me. I also left some room (about 10") to the righ tof where the hole is cut, so I would ahve a place to set my pin bowl, scissors, etc. It works perfect.

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    My sewing table has a recessed area for the machines, but the one for my sewing machine is to far back. So I don't use that part of it, I just pull my machine closer to me. Not the best set-up but it works for this short person.
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    My sewing machine is set down in an old dining room table. The space from my needle to the edge of the table is 9 inches, and to right side of the machine is 5 inches. I need the space in front of the machine so I have someplace to rest my arms and the space to the right is for my pincushion, small scissors, ripper and of course my tv remote.

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    I've often wished my machine was further back in the cabinet - particularly when quilting. If you do a lot of FMQ, set it a little further back maybe just a couple of inches than you normally would.

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