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"Sewing and/or Quilting"?

"Sewing and/or Quilting"?

Old 10-09-2021, 08:14 AM
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I will do some repairs for my kids.

I will also do some pants shortening - now and then.

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Old 10-09-2021, 10:02 AM
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Thank you for posting the commission work pricing, and her prices we from 5 years ago!
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Old 10-09-2021, 10:50 AM
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I call the entire process quilting. I also don't do mending or alterations, except for hemming pants for my immediate family. I just had someone start to ask about repairing worn out quilts and I cut her off right away.
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Old 10-09-2021, 11:40 AM
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I agree with you ladies, my sewing time is mostly quilting. My time is my own and I don't have to answer to anyone about what I make because I don't hire out. I do many charity items that are for a bidding type raffle. It is for diabetic kids medical supplies and a camp to teach them to manage the diabeties. I have donated to other causes but I really enjoy knowing that I have helped in some small way these children.
I enjoy making gifts for family and friends. It is a real joy to plan and sew something I imagine they will love and appreciate the time and work it took for me to give it to them. I am in my own little world while in my sewing room. Thank god I had this during the hard times we have gone through the last couple years.
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Old 10-09-2021, 01:52 PM
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If Iím just sewing Iím hemming someoneís pants, mending something, making someone something. If Iím quilting it encompasses the whole process- from idea spark to removing from the dryer when a quilt is complete.

as far as time goes- my family lovingly calls me a * Timer Queen* I keep track of my time and have timers set for break reminders- Iíve been known to stay at something all day- no breaks, no food, no wateró not a good thing - sometimes needing days to recover from the back, neck, shoulder, knee pains, so I learned my lesson. I set a timer for somewhere between 45 minutes and 1 1/2 hours depending on what Iím working on. When it goes off I stop what Iím doing- walk away. Get a snack, something to drink, go do something else for a little while. If Iím working on a commission or paying task I write down my start/ stop times. If Iím working on my own project I still have a pretty good idea how much time I spend on it.
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Old 10-10-2021, 08:27 AM
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I avoid telling people I "sew" and even that I'm a quilter. Over the years I've fended off many requests from people who found out I "sew" and asked me to do alterations and get offended when I say "no." The same with those who find out I'm a quilter. All of a sudden they want me to make them a quilt, and offer to pay me a pittance for my "time." The sad part is that the tailoring and quilting skills I have don't seem to be worth much to most people. I'd like to say that it's because it's traditionally " women's work", however, my father-in-law is a wood turner and he gets the same attitude about what he does.
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Old 10-10-2021, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by gillyo View Post
I'd like to say that it's because it's traditionally " women's work", however, my father-in-law is a wood turner and he gets the same attitude about what he does.
It's because some folks don't understand (or appreciate) the amount of time that goes into making something. DH is also a wood turner and same thing. He had some items on display in his club's case (not for sale, just display) and was offered $5 for the pens he had turned out of exotic woods.

I've taken a couple of soft furnishings classes this past year (draperies, pillows, roman shades) and in making them myself, I have a much better appreciation for why custom draperies cost so much. There is a lot of waste with patterned fabrics and a lot goes into fabrication (much more hand sewing than one would realize).
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Sewing is different than quilting, though the terms are used interchangeably in my home because others are not as finicky as I am.

For me, quilting includes any time Iím working on a specific quilt project.

I have been paid to make two quilts. We went and purchased the fabric together and the patterns were chosen from the ones I have. When considering the price of that work, there were only my time and basic supplies to consider. If they had not purchased the fabric, or I had shopped my stash, that would have been part of the price. Any time or money spent to complete a quilt should be considered along with the skill of the quilter, in my opinion.
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I only make quilts.
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Hmm- when I make quilts I use applique and embroidery along with other techniques. I consider it making a quilt, but the only part I consider as quilting is when I'm stitching the sandwich together. The rest I consider designing, cutting, sewing, ripping, etc.

I consider mending to be mending, and alterations to be alterations. Sewing can encompass all of it, and I take a lot of pride in my sewing abilities. And while I have done mending and a lot of alterations (did custom sewing for many years), I have no problem telling people that is not where my interest lies at this point so I don't do it. My husband does his own mending.

Right now I've been donating lap quilts to work for raffles. Coworkers do need to come to Accounting office (we have a campus) to sign up. Some are very enthusiastic, and others don't want to make the effort just for a small blanket. Works for me, only those that appreciate a quilt for what it is end up in the drawing.

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