to furbaby Molly. She kept crawling up onto the quilt I am just about finished quilting and I kept chasing her off. She was trying to tell me I was catching the extra batting on the back of the quilt :cry: I had about 4 " of batting stick out at the bottom, which got folded over when I was moving the quilt around under the presser foot. I've tried pulling it out after cutting really close to the stitching, but I'm afraid I'll have to put Ricky Ripper to work to rib out the last three lines of quilting and TRIM that down. Guess I won't leave that much anymore. Just figured I'd trim it at the end - NOT :thumbdown:
Of course, I found this out when I had to move it because my bobbin ran out about 2" from the end of the line of quilting :cry: And I was going to get all the quilting done this afternoon. WAAAAAA!!!!! Well, lesson learned - the hard way.