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Spray basting vs glue basting

Spray basting vs glue basting

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Default Spray basting vs glue basting

Who has tried both spray basting and glue basting? Which one do you prefer and why? I basted my first quilt with 505 recently and loved it, however I think I was pretty heavy handed and used quite a bit of it, which made me start thinking about how expensive it will be if I continue to use so much on each quilt I make. I only make probably 4 to 8 quilts a year, so I don't make a ton but at $13 a can that adds up fast! I know glue basting is much cheaper, but it doesn't look quite as easy and fast. I would love to know what everyones preferences are! Also if you know of any cheap deals on 505 I would love to stock up (or if you prefer another cheaper basting spray that works as well as 505, let me know). I looked on Joanns website for 505 so I could use a 40% off coupon but it's not on there, I wonder if they carry it in the store. Thanks!
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I never found another basting spray that worked as well as 505. However, there is a new basting web out there by Mettler that may be better -- especially in terms of controlling overspray. Here is some info about it:

To stock up on 505, I used this website:
As I recall, the larger can also comes in red -- same stuff, but made in France and cheaper -- and the red can is what I purchased. This current price for the large yellow can seems a couple of dollars more than what I paid a couple of years ago.

I haven't done glue basting, so can't compare it to spray basting.
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I have done both and after the first try at glue basting, I knew I would never spray baste again. Glue basting is very easy, fast and so cheap. When you glue baste, the hardest part can be squeezing the bottle, but I use both hands with the tip wide open. I also hold the bottle about 12" above the batting, moving back and forth across to create a grid of thin lines 4" apart. This isn't an exact science so if the lines are closer, or a bit farther apart, it isn't a big deal. I don't dilute the glue, I don't put it on with a brush....I try to keep it simple. I have done quilts up to 96" square with the glue method and have had no problems. I air dry the sandwich at least 2 hours, then I feel confident that there will be no shifting....but some iron the glue dry. Of course this is just my experience and personal opinions.
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I have used the spray. I didn't like all the prep work involved to air the room, lay out over spray paper or drop cloths, and I noticed no matter how careful I was spraying, the spray ended everywhere. I love Elmer's School Glue basting. It's fast, cheap, non toxic, washes away, no puckers, and I baste anywhere.
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I think I have tried every method out there for basting a quilt.. I still come back to spray basting. 505 is may preferred brand , but have had good luck with Dritz brand, that I get at Joanns with a coupon or wait till notions are on sale. I have found 505 on rare occasion at Jo Anns.
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I've used the Mettler Web Bond and like it better than the Dritz and June Tailor. Haven't tried glue basting.
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I have not tried the glue basting. Not sure if I will. However I do buy my 505 from JoAnns, online, when they have a 50 or 60% off sale on notions. I bought 15 cans in January at half price and got free shipping. 7 of those cans went to friends that ordered thru me.

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The first time I tried to glue I just made a sample sandwich to see what would happen. I love it. I have used the spray once and for me it just didn't stick very good and my first ever quilt I used tons of pins and by the time I got it quilted I had been stuck so many times I thought I would just give up quilting! But, thanks to this board, I learned about Elmer's. I may use too much, but I know it will wash out when I finish the quilt and I get the store brand at Fred's for fifty cents a bottle.
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Count me in as a glue baster. I didn't like the odor or overspray of the spray basting. Have pinned and thread basted. Love Elmer's washable school glue and I too drizzle it out of the bottle in a sort of grid. None of my sewing machines have has a problem with it and it washes out.
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