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Suggestions for machine quilting

Suggestions for machine quilting

Old 01-15-2019, 12:46 PM
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Default Suggestions for machine quilting

Iíve quilted many pieces over the years, by both hand and machine. Iím quilting a whole cloth simple baby quilt..now Iíve usually used more straight line quilting, which Iím not terrible at...this time Iím using a simple loop design, with a template and disappearing ink..Iím having the hardest time keeping my loops round...I keep getting points or corners in my loops...rip it out and start again...any ideas or advice? Thanks
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Old 01-15-2019, 12:51 PM
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Maybe you could make up some test pieces and do some practice work. You mention that you usually do straight-line quilting, so could it be that free motion quilting is relatively new for you? If that's the case, the solution could be a bit of practice. Keep us posted.
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Old 01-15-2019, 01:18 PM
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I agree - do some practice. There is definitely a learning curve to get the smooth movements. And you don't really have to go around the drawn lines exactly if it makes it easier. Once the marks are out it will all look good. Try that on your practice piece and you'll see!
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Try your hand at at triangles or squares instead or circles. The corners stops will let you reposition your quilt and hands.
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My advice is don't rip it out. No one else will notice the lack of roundness and know that you consider it an error. You learn more by continuing to quilt than by ripping.
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Doodle what you want to free motion. It helps with muscle memory. If you doodle lots with pencil and paper before you stitch, it will be much easier when youíre at your machine.
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Relax! Breathe. Maybe put on some "loopy" music. Then, think in circles, pebbles, rings....
don't forget to drop your shoulders & have fun.
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All good advice. If I read this correctly, you have traced around your template and are now trying to stitch out the design. Try looking ahead of your needle and don't try to stay exactly on the traced line. The more you do the better it will look.
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Muscle memory seems to be missing for me. I have quilted hundreds of quilts and don't make loops. I just do FMQ and if there is points I just go on. Some stitches do get a little long so I try retracing the lines to make smaller stitches. If just a tad long I just let them be. I wash all my quilts when totally done and the krinkle hides most things. Making donation quilts for kids and for people that don't quilt helps with that.
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practice with a sketch pad while watching tv--but do so at about the same speed you quilt at. Also most of us don't have perfectly circular loops--you are just trying to avoid a flat side.
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