This is katbrat. I am registered as 2baquilter, but have used katbrat from the beginning of my membership here. The concern I have is that when the trollers are using my name, which they are doing right at this moment in chat, they are NOT POLITE and are rude. They have taken pride in using many of our names. I have asked them NOT to use my name, but they think they can do what ever they want !!!

Please help me . I am so frustrated with the trouble it causes to sign in to join the chat room. I have sent a message several months ago asking to please change my sign in from 2baquilter TO katbrat. They have ways to use our names and are very disrespectful..... You have my email address. I would like to do what e ver is required to block them from using my sign-in name.

Thank You very much.