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Using Photos in a Quilt

Using Photos in a Quilt

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Default Using Photos in a Quilt

I've seen many lovely quilts here where you have had photos printed on fabric. What kind of fabric do you use and where do you get it done? Do these photos fade a lot when they are washed?

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I use the pre-treated fabric sheets you buy at JoAnns, I know some on here treat the fabric themselves to save a few dollars, but I don't want to work with the chemical. I guess it is like some on here quilt and some on here 'quilt by check.' I make sure the fabric has time to cure after using my ink jet printer to print the picture (usually 24 hours) before I follow the heatsetting directions.

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So you have to use an ink jet printer. You can't use a lazer printer?
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I dislike most of the well-known brands - they're too stiff.
C. Jenkins Company makes fabric sheets for photos that are soft as lawn cotton.
I buy the Miracle Fabric Sheets in White. 20 Irregulars, if available, cost $30 and just need some threads snipped.
Regulars are $20 for 10 sheeets
There's a discount for first time buyers.
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it is not recommended to use laser printers- they get too hot & it can cause damage- that being said- some people have used them successfully-
if doing them at home you can either purchase prepared for printing fabric sheets or make your own- there are different brands/prices/and finished results- some can be laundered- some are made for wallhangings- not meant to be washed
there is also transfer sheets you can purchase where you print the picture on the product-then press it onto your fabric= some of those are permenent- some are not=it's important to read the packaging and get the correct product for your project.
i'm not sure what maribeth was referring to when she commented about the (chemical)
to prepare - use your own fabric you need to prepare it for dyeing---you can use muslin or pretty much any other cotton fabric- i've used a variety-
you pre-wash the fabric- with detergent ---no fabric softener- the idea is to remove any chemicals/ sizing /oils that may be in the fabric- dry it- then press it to freezer paper- cut to the size of printer paper- make sure it is secured/pressed well along the edges so the fabric does not peel away going through the printer.
it is important to use quality/permenent ink in your printer-
then after printing the pictures set them aside to (cure) allowing the inks to saturate the fibers & dry- i generally set them aside for at least 24 hours-
then heat set - use a pressing cloth (piece of muslin works well) and heat set with a hot iron- after it cools- take to the sink & rinse with cold water to remove any excess ink.
there are many (studies/comparisons) telling you which printers work best & which inks- many inks are water soluble & generic inks pretty much always rinse away- in you type (printing on fabric) into your search engine- you will find many tips & you can find the comparison charts on the different printers.
i've had good luck with my H/P inkjet
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