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what model of machine is this, are they a good machine? >

what model of machine is this, are they a good machine?

what model of machine is this, are they a good machine?

Old 07-17-2013, 07:36 AM
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Default what model of machine is this, are they a good machine?

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Old 07-17-2013, 07:53 AM
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i'd ask the poster what numbers are on the back of the motor, probably the model number
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The Kenmore is a good machine sold by Sears. I have one that is probably 50-60 years old and the only thing wrong with it is the power cord. It was my Mom's and I learned to sew on it. It is very heavy and in a cabinet, so hard to transport. Some day I will get it fixed. It looks like that door on top is for cams (just a guess). I would date it to the 1960's (just a guess).
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Always be careful when buying a used machine. The ad says it runs, but it doesn't say it sews. If you are going to pick it up, take some fabric and thread. Since it doesn't say there's a manual, you want to see if you can thread it. Also, does the $25 include the cabinet. If it does sew and includes the cabinet, you should snatch it up. Even if you take it in to a shop and have it completely cleaned, oiled and lubed, the price will be worth it.
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Old 07-17-2013, 09:37 AM
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It is an early Kenmore, and they are very good machines. I know it dates prior to the 1980's because that's when I bought my first one (the model number on mine starts with 158.xxxx.) This one will have a model number less than that---maybe in the 140's ? I agree that the door at the top is probably for inserting cams to make stitches other than a straight stitch. The Kenmores in the 158. series have the knobs for fancy stitches right on the front of the machine. If you post your question on the "antique/vintage machines" forum, I'm sure you'll find experts who know much more about this machine. I say definitely go and see/ try it!
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This is a Kenmore from the 60s or 70s. The model number would begin either 148.xxx which is made by White, or 158.xxxx which is made by Jaguar/Maruzen. My Mom has a 148 series and I have a 158 series, both from the 70s. They are both good machines and still going strong. They are easy to clean/service yourself. For that price, if you need a machine, that is a great choice. Hopefully, the seller has the manual and attachments. If not, it will use low shank attachments and reprint manuals can be found online.
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Originally Posted by beauford View Post
The model # will prob be on the rim below the base, tilt the machine back to see it. SkyAngel gave you other good info about it. The # on the motor will not be the model #.
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It looks to be of similar vintage to the Singer I got in the mid 60s.

Mine worked great for many years through many air force moves. Finally damaged it myself by accidentally shoving it against a wall with the buttonhole attachment on and bent the bar that holds the needle.

Just be sure to check out the machine thoroughly before you purchase to be sure it stitches well and sounds like it has been kept well oiled.

This should be a very good machine.
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I have that same machine which I purchased new in October of 1969. It still runs great and has been used constantly over the years. I even purchased another like it from craigslist to use for parts if ever needed and that one runs just as good so now I have two of them to use. The machine is a workhorse. I would test it before you buy it. If it runs you will have a great machine. It did come with cams for decorative stitching.
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Ok, other people know the answer to the question that you asked. But the craiglist ad is for Peoria, and the ad says the sewing machine is in Wyoming. I was so confused! I was trying to find a Peoria in Wyoming, only to find that there's a Wyoming in Illinois! Why, oh why do I spend time trying to figure these things out?
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