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Thread: What's the most you'd pay for a BOM kit?

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    What's the most you'd pay for a BOM kit?

    This is a gorgeous quilt made of wool and silk. But it would cost well over $1,000 by the time you paid the reservation fee, the $70/month for 15 months, plus shipping and backing!!! Wow! Quite an investment. They have a cheaper one in cotton, but this one would really be spectacular.

    I'm not even considering it, but it made me wonder, how much do others pay for a BOM quilt?


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    It depends on what type it is regular blocks no more than 20, Applique if it ryan mckenna 35-40
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    OMG!!! That is a lot of money, but if you love it, I could see spending the money. I do BOMs all the time and I figured that I pay around $300-400 for the top. One that I'm doing is a total rip off. I get like 1/2 yard of fabric all together each month and am charged $25. I think I will investigate more thoroughly next time I want to do a BOM. I've done some that I get quite a bit of fabric and feel good about the $$. But this one I feel I am being taken to the cleaners.
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    I do BOM's all the time, but I would never pay that much. It is beautiful, but thats alot to spend on one quilt. I don't think I have ever spent more than $25.00 and that was for 12 months.

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    I used to do a couple of BOMs a year, but the price kept rising (along with the cost of all thing quilty) so I just can't afford it anymore. I will still do the occassional kit. Hoffman and Keepsake are favorites, because they are about the cheapest.

    Mostly I quilt from my stash which was, at one time, long and deep, but not being replaced. We have kitted all of my sister's stash, which somehow escaped the purge, by not being labled fabric.

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    Although BOMs are more expensive, I really enjoy doing them because if it is a difficult pattern, I have a month before I have to do it again. I have learned lots of new skills through BOM programs. This weekend, I started a BOM from my LQS that is $39. a month. I thought that was very expensive; but I wanted to support my LQS. Today, I finished the first block and so enjoyed doing it that it was worth every cent. It is a block with pre cut pieces that are ready to be ironed on and machine embroidered.

    All of my experiences with BOMs have been extremely positive except one. I think I am doing the $25 BOM that Jcrow mentioned. All of the other BOMs that I'm making send plenty of extra cloth.

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    i did a wool appliqued bom quilt one year-- the patterns alone was $60--i think it wasn't quite as expensive as that one but still pretty high- when i finished it i had it appraised- its appraisal value was $3700...and that was 5 years ago- prices have gone up (for materials) since then so i can see it costing that much now- the thing about bom's is it does distribute the cost over several months so you don't have to come up with it all at once; sometimes that alone makes it worth it.
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    I don't really see the value in BOM's. I would rather buy the pattern outright.. and my own fabrics.. for me thats the btter value.

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    I love BOMs. They keep me motivated!

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    Materials for my llittle quilts are running $200 - 300 now, I just cannot imagine spending that much for a quilt top. Then you still need the batting and backing. Ouch!
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    I did several BOMs last year and I think the most expensive as $25.00. I did decide though that I will probably not be doing BOMs unless I just can't resist. I usually just buy the pattern (or make my own) and use stash or buy the fabric. It at least saves you the shipping and you can always find a coupon or a sale to cut down the cost of the fabric.

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    I signed up for a BOM once. It was a miniature quilt so minimal fabric. I don't remember the price of the monthly fee for the block but the shipping they charged was over $8.00 a month for something that would fit in a business size envelope. I called them and had them send the rest of the months all at once, saving almost a $100. Ridiculous. I don't even look at BOM's after that.

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