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Thread: Why do I feel guilty for not sewing?

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    Senior Member kheliwud's Avatar
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    North Carolina

    Wink Why do I feel guilty for not sewing?

    LOL! After the crush of quilts for commission and presents, I have not sewed much in the past week. I have taken this opportunity to get my studio painted, my hubby and I did it today. I really want to create an inspiring and organized space, so I have been working on that instead of actually sewing. Hopefully this will make me more productive in the coming year.
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    Power Poster erstan947's Avatar
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    Great use of your time! Enjoy your "new" space!

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    Moderator sharon b's Avatar
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    Well even though you haven't turned on the machine - you are thinking ahead to what will make a better work environment so you are working on something
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    Senior Member hannajo's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Brooklyn, NY
    I'm in your same boat, kheliwud. I've had all week off, and haven't sewed a stitch. However, DH and I cleaned and re-organized our whole apartment, which includes my sewing stuff. Now that everything looks so neat, I almost don't want to take anything out. I'm sure I'll manage, though!
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    Senior Member pinkberrykay's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    SOO, MI
    Sometimes people need to take a creative break to work on something else. Painting, cleaning and organizing clears your mind and creates and stress free space where you can be more creative.

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    Senior Member Drue's Avatar
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    Grapeland, Texas
    My main machine has been in the shop since right after Thanksgiving. I took mine in with a friend and hers needed a new part that we had to wait on, then the holidays and then the off time and then and then and then.....blah, blah, blah and we took them over 100 miles away to our nearest "authorized" dealer....and I could go on and on.....

    Anyway, we bought this 1902 house in 07 and have been redoing it, ceilings, walls, floors and everything you can think of for over 3 years now and everyone in this little town has wanted us to have open house forever.....well, I told DH, this is the year and we decided to do this on the 30th...yesterday, from 2pm-6pm.
    I have spent this month reorganizing, dusting, mopping, cleaning and all that fun stuff since the week after my machine left me.....
    First of all, the Open House went wonderfully well, without a hitch. Our house is not finished, it is a "work in progress", and probably always will be.LOL We had a great tunout...an open invitation at church and neighborhood and friends and etc. Had NO IDEA how many or who or "what" would show up. Had snacky/finger foods and coffee, wasail and punch and desserts. Friends and neighbors also brought things (unsolicited but appreciated). Some came and stayed for the whole time and some came and went. Most had not been in this house for years and it was a "basket case" when we bought it. People walked around with mouths opened and couldn't believe what we'd done to make this old -run down house with paper falling off the ceilings and walls and ...well it would take me too long to explain it all...we do have pics from start to where we are now. Anyway...great comments and and lots of wonder and can't believe this and all that! All in all a wonderful experience for us and the visitors.

    Guess I didn't have time to miss my machine....although I did and did have some withdrawals and still do and will til we go back next week and FINALLY get our machine back. I have soooo much to tell her and get her caught up with all that's gone on. I have a number of new projects in mind and one on the table that I have not touched since she went on her vacation and upgrades.

    I do know that DH has been walking around on egg shells waiting for the word that we could go get the "girls". He's been really great and has done all the things that i have asked him to do getting ready for the Open House. WOOHOO! All is good in the world and will get even better next week!

    Sorry...maybe I need some time in a padded room now! Happy New Year All!
    Those who are piecemakers will sew seeds.


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