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redstilettos 08-24-2017 09:25 AM

License Plate Swap - the fabric kind ;)
This swap is for a fabric license plate, typically found at your local quilting store.

A sample can be found here:


Please, please do not send me metal license plates 😉

You may swap up to 10 license plates. They can all be the same or different, but please keep in mind, if there are less than 10 swappers signed up, you will receive some of your own back. If we get more than 10 swappers, you will receive up to 10 different ones for those projects you have in mind!

Please include $6.65 for a Priority mailing, return shipping fee (This includes tracking). Post Office Money Orders, or carefully hidden cash are fine.

The license plates do not need to be from 2017. As long as they are new and unused, they are acceptable, but please send new product only.

Sign-ups need to be done by September 14th, with all license plates received by me by September 23rd. Distribution will take place no later than September 30th. If all plates are received prior to the 30th, distribution will take place earlier.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

SuziSew 08-24-2017 09:55 AM

This sounds like fun! I knew I "needed" a reason to go check out some more quilt shops tomorrow! :D Count me in!

redstilettos 08-25-2017 04:24 AM

Hi SuziSew, glad you decided to join! :)

SuziSew 08-25-2017 07:18 AM

Originally Posted by redstilettos (Post 7893670)
Hi SuziSew, glad you decided to join! :)

Looks like the signup is starting a little slow, hope we get some more over the weekend! :)

djmat 08-25-2017 07:24 AM

I have two to swap out & hopefully more by the 14th, yippee!!! Let's see how many sign up by the 10th. Love fast swaps!
Thanks for hosting this important swap, Red, you're great!

redstilettos 08-25-2017 09:25 AM

I hope we get a few more, too.

I just find these things fun :)

djmat 08-25-2017 08:40 PM

The weekenders may sign up this weekend! Crossing my fingers cause I am collecting for a license plate quilt, already have 17 (need 25 total & a few more for pillow cover), for a travel quilt!

Kassaundra 08-26-2017 02:30 AM

Do all fabric shops have them or just the ones that participate in the summer row thing?

sewbizgirl 08-26-2017 06:14 AM

Originally Posted by Kassaundra (Post 7894234)
Do all fabric shops have them or just the ones that participate in the summer row thing?

Only those doing Row by Row have the plates. It's a RxR thing.... but, some stores that aren't doing RxR this year may have plates left over from past years if they participated then.

djmat 08-26-2017 07:34 AM

You can order them on line, too! I missed a closed shop when traveling through Idaho & sent off for a rare plate!

starshine 08-26-2017 07:41 AM

I want to get in on this. So as I understand we will get back as many plates as we send in up to 10. So if I send 5 I will get 5 back, 10 I will get 10 back. And if only 7 sign up & I send 10-I will get 7 different plate and 3 of mine back .

Count me in. :thumbup:

djmat 08-26-2017 10:02 AM

wahoo, starshine!!!!
Red, do we need to say which shops/state we have? I have 2 from Arizona & 1 from New Mexico, hope that helps!

djmat 08-26-2017 10:12 AM

Here's my stash of license plates word doc:
Row by row fabric license plates I'm collecting for travel quilt:
Plates I already have:
Arizona –I Qquilt Modern (2), Modern Quilting, Phoenix, no date (trade 1 out)
Bolt 2 Bolt (2), Bernina Connection, Phoenix, no date (trade 1 out)
California – Sew Faithful, Quilty Pleasures, Simi Valley, 2016
Florida- Sew Fine, Paula’s Fine Fabrics, Jacksonville, 2016
Idaho – Sew n Go Sun Valley, Sun Valley Fabric Granary, Hailey, 2017
Kentucky – Purr-Fect Qlts, Purr-Sonally Yours Quilt Shop, Cynthiana, no date
Massachusetts – Fabricologist, Knit One Quilt Two,, West Boyleston, no date
Mississippi– Homespooiled, Figgs Fabric & Studio, Columbus, no date
Missouri – QLTING ON RT 66, Merrily We Quilt Along, Springfield, 2016
Montana– SEW YELLOWSTONE, Send It Home, West Yellowstone, no date
New Mexico – SEW NM, Stitchology, Albuquerque, no date
SEW ENCHANTING, The Quilt Works, Albuquerque, 2017
SPLASH ‘N’ DASH, The Quilt Works, Albuquerque, no date (trade out)
MI CASA SEW CASA, The Quilt Works, Albuquerque, 2016
Ohio – QLTRS RULE THE ROOST, Red Rooster Quilts, Dublin, 2016
QUILT LOVER, Quilt Beginnings, Dublin, 2016
Oklahoma – SEW OK, Quilt Sampler, Tulsa, 2016
Texas – STITCHN N DRIPN, Valli & Kim, Dripping Springs, 2016
TEXAS MEMORIES, Memories By the Yard, San Antonio, 2016
Usa & Canada – Making Memories, c/o Michigan Row by Row

How will we know what anyone needs? Just so many questions, sorry!

marietta 08-26-2017 02:13 PM

Red , when you said contact you,, did you mean email (couldn't see one) or pm thru QB?

djmat 08-26-2017 04:10 PM

PMing is the fastest way to message Red, just sayin'!

redstilettos 08-26-2017 04:30 PM

Either here or email here. Whichever is easier for you.

Several places have these plates. I wasn't aware it was row by row participants!

We don't really know what others "need". It will be more of luck if you get something you need I think?


givio 08-26-2017 06:46 PM

I don't collect license plates and don't want to sew something from them-- but if someone wants one from Michigan, let me know. My local quilt shop carries them, and I can buy one without participating in the Row by Row activity. Maybe we can make a trade, a plate for some fabric scraps?

djmat 08-26-2017 09:02 PM

I'd love to swap fabric for a plate from Michigan! What kind of fabric would you like & how much?

redstilettos 08-28-2017 09:24 AM

givio, that's really nice of you :)

SuziSew 08-28-2017 12:38 PM

How will we know what anyone needs? Just so many questions, sorry!

dj, since many of us are from different areas I'm guessing it won't be too hard to 'guestimate' who might want what. after the main swap is done maybe we can always do single swaps between those that participate, providing of course it's ok with red and the QB rules. Luckily I'm in a LQS rich area and can get quite a few different plates to share.

djmat 08-28-2017 05:46 PM

Sounds like a great idea, SuziSew, I'm in if it's okay with the powers that be. Trying hard to make a travel quilt.

redstilettos 08-29-2017 04:59 AM

I can get quite a few different plates, too, so if someone wants more than one from WI, just let me know :)

djmat 08-29-2017 09:59 AM

I've been to Minnie/St Paul, Duluth, & Stillwater, MN & to Milwaukee, WI on various busy American Legion Auxiliary National Conferences but the quilt shops were already closed by the time we finished meetings. I pouted all the way back to Oklahoma. Would really love a plate from any of those cities because the people were sweet, the food really great, & the topography fantastic! Just say'n!

starshine 08-29-2017 10:01 AM

Please include $6.65 for a Priority mailing, return shipping fee (This includes tracking). Post Office Money Orders, or carefully hidden cash are fine.

Can we send a
$6.65 Flat rate priority stamp from the post office instead of money order?

djmat 08-29-2017 08:55 PM

We are required to pay for the cost of a Flat Rate Priority bubble sleeve for the return shipment from the host. The cost is $7.20 (last pkg I sent) & should not have a date on it because the swap host may miss the date deadline. I've heard USPS has a new stamp for Priority bubble sleeves but have yet to see one.

It is easier for me to pay the clerk for the stamps & attach them to the return bubble sleeve & put it in the pkg when I mail my charm pkg to the host because any weight is included in the price. Some swappers send stamps, hidden cash or a money order. Which ever fits your needs. Some hosts order the free bubble sleeves before the swap so some don't require you send the empty sleeve for the return charms.

We can mail to the host however we think it will get there in time, but if you mail another way, be sure to track it.
Note: Always put your charms in a ziplock bag with your name & address on the ziplock in case the bubble sleeve or other shipment form gets torn during shipment so USPS will know where to return it. Plus the host uses the ziplock to distribute your new charms & the charms are protected on their way back to you.
Hope this helps.

redstilettos 08-30-2017 04:44 AM

Couldn't have said it better myself, DJ!

I do have a bunch of envelopes preordered, so if you just send the amount to mail back to you, I can provide the vessel. :)

redstilettos 08-30-2017 04:45 AM

Hm.....I work near Milwaukee ;)

djmat 08-30-2017 08:05 AM

Never know who you'll run into in Milwaukee. I hadn't seen my old Legion commander in 15 yrs & there he sat in the plaza between meetings. A joy to see him & got to talk with his darling wife, too!!!

redstilettos 08-31-2017 04:48 AM

People have always said Milwaukee is a big(gish) city with a small town feel. I am always amazed.

For those of you who do not wish to participate, but want one from a specific area, please let me know. I get all over the state from Milwaukee all the way up to upper Michigan on a regular basis and can always snag one for you. :)

Anoka Quilter 08-31-2017 10:18 AM

I'm in. I have several from Minnesota. Not so many duplicates from this year, as I stopped doing the double purchase; however, I have several from 2014, 2015, and 2016.

djmat 08-31-2017 01:59 PM

Dated ones are good for me! Thanks for joining!

djmat 09-04-2017 08:24 AM

Will be away for a few days, Happy Labor Day to all!
Hope more join this swap!

redstilettos 09-06-2017 09:12 AM

Looks like we are hovering around 5 or 6 participants. Hm. I must have thought these were cuter than others thought. But I still am glad to have the 5 or 6 participate and get some new ones!

With so low of a list, I may have to put something extra special in the bag ;)
Shhh.....what my hubby doesn't know won't hurt him. Or me, either! LOL

redstilettos 09-08-2017 05:06 AM

Oh my goodness. I think our swappers, though we are small and mighty, will hopefully enjoy what I purchased for us last night. I can't wait to see how we use these!

djmat 09-08-2017 06:52 AM

Now my curiosity is piqued! Will mail you 3 plate in the morning. Please PM your addy, Red! Thanks!!

djmat 09-09-2017 08:04 PM

delayed mailing til Monday, kids took my car to work, sorry!

djmat 09-11-2017 03:43 PM

Mailed off 3 today! Yippee!

SuziSew 09-13-2017 08:57 AM

Hi Red, Just wanted to confirm how many of us are in for the swap. I know there were a couple that asked or commented but wasn't sure if it was a confirmation. Also, could you please PM me what address the plates need to be sent to? I'm hoping to get them in the mail by this weekend but don't want to send more than what signed up.


redstilettos 09-13-2017 10:32 AM

I think we have a total of 6. That's off the top of my head :)

PM coming

SuziSew 09-13-2017 11:13 AM

[QUOTE=redstilettos;7905504]I think we have a total of 6. That's off the top of my head :)

That's what I had too but wanted to be sure! Got the address, Thanks!

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