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Thank you for all the suggestions. You all made me feel so much better. I am actually getting excited about being more organized and feel like I might be more productive in a smaller space. I am thinking about putting a stand up pantry with doors in my living room for my extra fabric. That really is the only extra space I will have. Although maybe if I eat less I can use one of the kitchen cabinets for notions(hehe).

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Some type of cabinet in the living room sounds like a great idea for fabric storage. It would be a lot more scenic than plastic tubs.
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For your tables, shelves, ironing board - see if you can have them "drop down" (I know someone already mentioned a drop down ironing table). This will save you a ton of space - they are up when not needed so you have that space to move / sew in. Also, pictures, pictures, and more pictures ... google small sewing spaces - it is amazing what some people have done with super small spaces.

I have done the opposite - 6 years ago it was my dining room table, and now I have my own room - well, I share it with my parrot - but I have to say it's nice to have space LOL

I don't envy you having to downsize - but with all the new gadgets out there, I'm sure your room will be fabulous!
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I have a big board ironing board up all the time. I think pressing/ironing is such an important part of the process, that - when possible - a pressing/ironing surface should be out - or easily accessible - all the time.
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People are downsizing to smaller homes. You should watch some of those tv programs (Tiny Houses) & they may give you some great ideas.
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Originally Posted by nikki128 View Post
I am moving my sewing space from a 10X10 room with a closet into a 4 X4 walk in closet. Has anyone ever done something like this? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I am kind of flipping out as everywhere I look I see stuff I need. I also run a sewing business. So need most of my stuff. One of the walls is slanted as this is a space under the stairs. Just call me Nikki Potter lol.
Sounds like the kids are coming home....LOL
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Originally Posted by tuckyquilter View Post
Sounds like the kids are coming home....LOL
Nope. I have no kids I just have to downsize.
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You didn't share, do you have a large stash? I think do the little things first, Like go through and eliminate doubles. Look at the space, can you go UP with your storage? Or, below your work surface? Or is your room under the stairs just for storing your sewing/quilting things. Does that mean you will be sewing at the kitchen table?

I used under the bed storage boxes that were great for storing fabric. Folded small with the folds facing up by color. It's just a thought. They slide easily and the tops keep the dust off. You just won't be able to see your stash.

A lot of people are down sizing these days. It can be done. And, I hope you have a lot of great fun planning and finding what works for you. Do a lot of looking on Google. I googled under the stairs sewing rooms. And, it was a great eye opener to see what other people have done.

I used to sew at the kitchen table. All my supplies were in my bedroom. When the kids moved out, I commandeered the sun room which was there hang out space. Boy, I almost have too much room. But, am determined to keep my fabric space limited. (I need to sew faster!! lol

Have fun. Down sizing is not bad. It will just be one small compromise. You can do it!!
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I just moved into my space. I have to use it for my stash and sewing. I do not have a lot of fabrc but I have 9 bins of scraps. I am thinking my first move may be to get the scraps to people who may be able to use them faster then I can. I can add shelving. I do not have slanted walls like I thought I did. It is actually 5 X10. So, it is not as wide as I would like but I am hoping I can use the walls and shelving to my advantage.
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Nikki, your question came at just the time I also needed some ideas. My husband and I are selling our 4 bedroom house and moving into a townhouse or apartment (we don't know which right now) but need to have our stuff sorted because we've lived in our house for 30 years and need everything painted and new carpeting installed before we can sell. I told my husband that 75% of the things we own will need to be sold, given away or trashed and am in the process of doing just's an exhausting project. I thought he was the pack rat but's me!! I'm moving along on the rest of the house but find I am having problems with my quilt studio. It's a 10X12 foot room with lots of stuff everywhere. I decided I'd start with getting the fabric I want to keep in a pile and I already have a place to give the fabric I don't want. Problem is: I'm a scrap quilter so have lots of fabric. It is a daunting job but I've been chipping away at it each day and actually see some progress. I have hope I can get it together in the next month so the painters can reach the inside of the closets. Good luck with your downsizing.
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