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How do you clean up? >

How do you clean up?

How do you clean up?

Old 01-04-2018, 08:57 AM
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My sewing room is in the basement too and I have only one baseboard unit for the entire main area. I picked up a oil filled space heater to heat up the other half where I keep all the machines. It makes it liveable for me to sew now. This past weekend my boiler couldn't keep up with the extreme low temps and I couldn't sew at all. My furnace guy found out the prior owner had set the boiler at its lowest setting which wasn't enough to keep any part of my old 118 yr old house (no insulation) comfortable. Now its set at 200 from 180 degrees and its so comfortable for me. I was able to turn the space heater off on the 1st floor but keep the basement one on during the day when I'm down here.

I don't use my dining room much but wouldn't want to damage it with pins, etc. Just my opinion. We do what we need to so we can keep up with our hobbies. Good luck.
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Old 01-04-2018, 04:40 PM
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Oh Boy! Your comment sounded just like me.

Originally Posted by sewbizgirl View Post
I took over the dtining room with my sewing, back 15 years ago when we were taking care of my elderly dad and I needed to be in a central place attend to him. I have since completely filled it with all my sewing stuff. We don't have guests to eat in there but just a couple times a year-- like Christmas and Thanksgiving... occasionally Easter. When the family came for Thanksgiving just over a month ago, it took me one whole day to put all the clutter elsewhere and tidy up the room for the family meal. The shelves of fabric were still there, just not all the clutter on the table. I am still looking for some things I so efficiently hid away back then! So, for me there's no quick fix. I can't change the room back into a dining room at a moment's notice, so I don't even try. I'd rather cram too many people around our kitchen table to eat, than to disturb my sewing in the dining room.
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Old 01-04-2018, 04:44 PM
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I also use the dining room. My designated sewing room is actually my fabric storage facility. Unfortunately, i'm a very messy worker & spread out & use the entire dining room. If we have someone for dinner, we all eat in the kitchen. We also have a table in the family room for games etc., and can also eat there. Once a year we have a big party and I need to pack up all my sewing stuff. The downside is it takes a couple weeks. The up side is I go thru & reorganize a lot of my stuff.
I think if I were going to sew in the dining room on a temporary basis, I would treat it like I was going on a retreat. I would prepare the project, organizing & doing the majority of the cutting in the basement. I would use some of the items designed for travel, such as one of those small cutting mat/ironing surfaces, use a small iron & keeping the large ironing board in the basement. If you are serious about just doing this on a temporary basis, where you are putting things away & taking them back out, I would concentrate on using the bare minimum of tools and equipment. If you have a travel quilting tote, you can just pack that up when you need to use the dining room. You can also use a regular suitcase. This can be put temporarily in a bedroom closet, along with your sewing machine. Personally, I'd just make your guests eat in the kitchen...
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Oh my goodness!
sometimes a solution is right in front of you but it take a fellow quilter to point it out!
Thanks PaperPrincess. I returned from a sit and sew and left my project and FW packed in the corner of the dining room. So when I read your idea to treat it like I was going on a retreat, it clicked! Of course I can just keep things in the project packs....it's not ideal but at least it gives me some sense of organization.
Using a suitcase or big tote might also help with taming the project mess. Thanks everyone, I am reassured that I am not alone in this winter problem......by the way record lows here tonight and tomorrow....schools are even closed!
Does anyone have yet another idea?
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Old 01-05-2018, 05:16 AM
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One of those "under the bed" totes would work for everything other than the sewing machine.
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Old 01-05-2018, 06:53 AM
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Ya mean like when company is coming? It get's shoved in drawers, hidden under the bed, put in closets, etc. The machine stays out, but it's usually covered. When they're gone, everything comes back out.

If there is no company, it stays out scraps on the floor and all.

~ C
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Tools hang on S-hooks from my curtain rod to be instantly accessible & still be neat.[/QUOTE]

That is a great idea to hang tools from a curtain rod. I have several rods that might be mounted in a handy place and not be anywhere near a window. Thank you for that idea and can be used to hold a pattern with a clothes pin to see it and the list might go on.
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I have a dedicated sewing room but use my kitchen island for cutting and my king size bed for design wall. I put everything back in sewing room when I'm done for day cuz I don't like the mess in the general population area. I'm a neat freak and dislike clutter....lol! Someone on the board suggested stowing your design board behind your china cabinet when you need to get it out of the way. I thought this was a great idea and I'm now thinking of building a design wall since I can hide it. I keep,project in their own plastic totes so they be moved or stored when I'm not working on them.
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Originally Posted by SusieQOH View Post
I think a creative mess is a lot better than a general mess
Amen to that!
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Default How do you clean up?

I am like several others who replied. My real "sewing room" is also a guest bedroom. I don't use the dining room table except when cutting out or putting big pieces together.

When we go to eat a meal on that table, I just put the project in a shopping bag I have saved for those times, and the rest I slide under the buffet, which just a quick turn from the table. The sewing/bedroom always has the appearance of someone sewing in there. That I fine with me, as we don't have much company in the Winter. Spring-Fall is the time for us to do that. Too cold to get out/entertain here.

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