It's a Process

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Default It's a Process

After a major sweep, I thought I had it. Then moved storage racks to garage. OK done, right? NO. This is stuff from the hall cupboards and totes I'd quickly stuffed and forgotten what was in them. Today, the room must look picture perfect. The house is being shown tomorrow.
I did find some things I've thought for years were lost in space. That's good. Found more UFO's and planned projects. The box of fashion fabric (already to be moved) will need to be opened and resorted.
I'm glad to have lots of time to sort and resort. The process continues.
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A big job but one step at a time and you will get there.
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Just reading your post sent chills down my spine and makes me thankful that I am NOT packing up to move. My sewing room and the other room with my frame are so out of order it would take me a month working every day (and good health) to get it presentable. Best of luck with the showing and selling your home.
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I remember now why I keep putting off even carpeting the upstairs . . ..

I'm not sure I'll ever move. Seems like too much work to be worth it. I am gradually getting rid of stuff, but no time frame so I don't have to work myself to death to do it.
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I've done all the procrastinating I can think of. Oh Wait! The laundry needs attention.

Then! I'll sort the papers that've accumulated on my desk and do some on-line shopping.

When it's time for Jeapordy, it's break time.
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I have been S L O W L Y organizing my sewing room and my fabric. I have a lot of fabric from when I made clothes for my entire family and I need to get back to garment sewing but I have so many quilting projects lined up it may be a long time before I get around to that fabric.
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My house looks the same! We purchased new carpet, it was said to arrive in 12 days. It's just like moving without the benefit of moving. Everything off the floor and into the garage. Hanging clothes into the bathtubs. Thankfully we have a separate shower. Guess what, the carpet is coming from Canada to Florida. New notice, it will be 11 days added. I'm thinking it will be here by January if we are lucky. Good Luck with your showing, it is a slow and steady wins the race process.
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There is something about having to rearrange things that helps get sewing priorities in line. My son and his family have moved in with us and I had to clear out the guest room and living room for them. All my quilting items are now neatly organized and in labeled boxes lining the wall of our garage. I am not going to go into another fabric store unless I have a particular fabric need that can't be met in my own "store". Time to get all my UFOs done!

So I feel your pain and the joy of finding long lost "I know I have it somewhere" items. Good luck with the showing and I hope your place sells quickly! Sounds like you're packed and ready to go.
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As to my desk; it got sorted into stacks. Each stack has at least 1 time consuming item, deadlines are approaching.

Finished the laundry. Jeoprady was replaced with CMA.
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When Covid first closed everything - I took the time to reorganize my scrap collection. Every piece wrapped around a 5x5 cardboard (cereal box) and then sorted by color. Egads! The task was overwhelming but it got done and has made my sewing since then much easier.
I know the job is miserable - but it will be better in the long run
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