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Thread: Major fabric reorg

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    Quote Originally Posted by SusieQOH View Post
    Right now I'm at the point where my sewing room is such a mess that I can't find anything. I really need to take a break and clean up. Would you believe I can't find a seam ripper? And I have many.
    I know why I'm always in this situation: when I finish a project I move right on to the next. Bad idea. There is stuff all over my table, the floor, etc.
    I really need to clean up my act!
    Are you talking about me? Right now my cutting table has a spot vacant that’s about 12” square. I have stuff everywhere. I think I have about 6 quilts in various progress. I have way too much stuff. Next week I will start cleaning it up, I promise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanabee Quiltin View Post
    Are you talking about me? Right now my cutting table has a spot vacant that’s about 12” square. I have stuff everywhere. I think I have about 6 quilts in various progress. I have way too much stuff. Next week I will start cleaning it up, I promise.
    Wanabee- if the shoe fits, right?
    I'm worse than a child. I make huge messes and then could kick myself that I can't find something.
    I like to think of myself as an artist of sorts but really more like a mad scientist haha

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    My sewing room has gotten so disorganized. I've been working at getting it better controlled but it is not pleasant to be in. I personally prefer to protect fabric from the light and haven't been using clear boxes, instead I use legal sized paper file boxes I get from office stores. I used to work in offices and had access to paper boxes but no longer. I like to have boxes the same size so they can be stacked easily. I write on the outside of the box with a large marker what is inside and line them with acid free tissue paper. (edit: I did not put in that link!)

    I have color boxes mostly plus a few theme boxes, for example batiks are in their own box not mixed in by colors. I only have one box of solids. I have enough cat fabrics to keep together but not enough for a box of their own, so they have a box with dog, bug, and 30s prints. I pull the boxes out into the hallway outside the room and roughly sort as I go -- my problem is the fabric not in boxes but in towering stacks and the wrongly sorted fabrics in the boxes that shouldn't be there. Also, the non-sewing stuff that got stuffed in there needs to go! I don't remember too well what is in the closet... can't really get in there right now, but I know there is a full sized Jenny Lind spool bed frame that's been in the family for decades and my wooden cradle from when I was an infant. Want to keep both of those things and no where else to put them. Don't remember what else is in there, it's been years!

    In addition to the box stacks on the ground, have two wheeled storage racks I got from Costco, problem is that the boxes don't really fit well on them, some of the shelves are too low, the boxes leave too much space between them/just not enough for another box. Should replace the storage racks but recently bought some clear plastic containers that fit better than my paper boxes.

    Mostly I work with scraps. I used to keep all my little pieces thrown into a laundry hamper but about 10 years ago I quit that. Now as I get to the end of a piece of fabric I trim them down to specific widths, the largest that will fit. Anything over 6.5 is stored in the color box. I have 6.5", 6", 4", 3" and 2" strips. Anything smaller than 2" now gets thrown away (even though part of me says "hey I could use that in a string quilt"). When I start a new scrap project I go into the strip box first. They probably should be sorted into color groups a bit better than they are but so far I haven't done that. Should also probably start another box, currently some of the smaller strips are in a coverless plastic box that fits on top of the strip box.

    My larger pieces (2+ yards) are generally marked with the yardage. I use brass safety pins, no rusting. I do have a special box for "pieces large enough to be backs".

    I have a desk, it's not too badly organized inside -- it's the stacks of unsorted fabric on the top that cause the issues. The "pencil" drawer holds stuff like pencils, marking tools, graph paper. Another drawer is thread, bobbins, etc. Third drawer is rulers, stencils and pantograph rolls. Bottom drawer is non sewing, but important with photo albums and such.

    Above the desk I have a cork board and keep my smaller specialty rulers pinned on there. I will often put my current design worksheet/pattern/notes on there. I'm not very happy with my current work table, is my son's old computer desk, just a rectangle. The size is good and fits in the room but it's not as stable as I would like.

    Was just about to go into there and get to work organizing, my hubby thought he'd be working 12 hour days of OT both days this weekend and I had planned to do some serious work. But he called while I was writing this book length post and we are going to take advantage of the time together and go for a walk or something... Yay! A reason to procrastinate some more

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