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Default Quilting machine

I am looking at a Baileys quilting machine and a sweet sixteen quilting machine. They are a big difference in the price. I quilt as a hobby, not as a income. Does anyone know the pros and cons of the two of them? I have contacted Baileys and having a hard time to get them to return my phone call, so that puts a sour taste in my mouth. PLEASE can anyone help me with this?
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I've never seen a Bailey's in person but did try out the Sweet 16 at a quilt show (loved it!). I can tell you from the photos, the Bailey's doesn't have a lot of space between the base and the bottom of the arm in comparison to the Sweet 16. The visibility will be much better in the Sweet 16. It will also cost you about $5000. I think the Bailey's are in the $2000 range.
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I know of a couple of quilters that have Baileys and are very happy with their machine, and the service. A Bailey is what I will get when I have the room and the money.
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Look at the schedule of bailey i call and talk to chuck he gave his cell phone very polite and professional
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I have a Bailey 15 Pro and love it. Mr. Bailey is a doll. Don't give up on Bailey, he is a busy man. Baileys are all "Made in America".
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pI have a Bailey 15. It is a great starter machine. I got the stitch regulator with it. $2400. They are a stretched Janome. I don't know whatmodel. Chuck has the components mfgd locally. My husband and I actually went there to take a look. Very small busness but very helpful. Machine is just a straight stitch with no feed dogs. I love my machine and it is affordable.
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I have a 15" Bailey. Love it. FYI, they are not a stretched machine. They are built based on the Singer 15. That has been discussed at the various group sites. Join the Bailey yahoo group and/or bhqbaileyhomequilter at proboards.com for info, troubleshooting, generally sharing. Bought mine used over a year ago. Love it. Had a 9" Pfaff GrandQuilter before. Didn't do much FMQ w/the Pfaff, but am really getting into it w/all the space that I have now. I screwed up my timing, and even though I did not buy my machine from Chuck, he was very helpful in getting me up and running. There are also video on youtube. Seach for DesertDebbe. She is the moderator of both groups and very knowledgeable.
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If you can't get them to return you phone calls before you buy the machine what are the chances they will after you do?
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I just got a Bailey's 17. I got it up and running and been playing with it today. I'm very satisfied with it and could kick myself for not getting it sooner. I already had the Bernina frame and it fits fine. It's not hard to use either. Not complicated.
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There are many great things said about Baileys on this site. For a hobbiest it sounds perfect. I have a Nolting and love it but I also have a quilting business.
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