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What do you do with leftovers?

What do you do with leftovers?

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Originally Posted by Mkotch View Post
Last year I cut a bunch of BHunter chevrons a little too small for Good Fortune. I had to make 100 more to get the pieces to fit. So I was left with quite a few orphans. Here's what I did.
That's really pretty Mkotch! You made lemonade!
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How about making some mug rugs, or use them as an inset to an apron? Both would make great gifts.

~ C
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Oh...organizing them. I put them in old pillow cases, or make little bags for them out of the fabrics in the quilt.

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I save all my scraps. Cut them into largest usable size. Squares or strips from 2” up to 6.5” size. Put them in plastic containers labeled by size. 2-2.5-3 etc. I use empty cat litter buckets from sams but any will do and stack on closet shelf.
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Originally Posted by Terry in the ADK View Post
This is so funny. Thanks for all the ideas on things to make. You have Given me some good ideas. However what I was looking for was actual organizing of the orphan units do you do it by color or shape or how? Thanks for all your ideas.
Mine are categorized by size first. Scraps are smaller than a Sweet 16 (about the size of a sheet of computer paper) down to about the size of my hand. If I have yardage of that same fabric, they're folded into that. Otherwise they're in plastic bags in the box for that particular color.

Smaller than my hand (too small to cut into a 2.5" square) I call bits. They are sorted by shape into one of four plastic bins: long strips; short strips (under a foot or less than 1.5 inches wide); triangles; weird shapes. I found that I enjoy the mindless piecing of crumb blocks. No measuring, no worries about "do these pieces go together?" no finicky cutting, just match edges until I've filled the foundation. They make great leaders-and-enders.

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Originally Posted by Terry in the ADK View Post
I have finally finished the BH Frolic quilt. It was a bear and I made it a throw size, therefore I have a bunch of units left over. Short of tossing them, how would you organize them for future use?
ps : in the Frolic thread I asked for quilting suggestions,got any?
What ..one do with orphaned blocks, strips, scraps, and, most recently, about 4 ft x 8" piano keys left from another quilt. Using an orphaned 6" square, I cut a pentagon ( 5 side) from a. Coordinating fabric. I lined up the straight edge of the keys with the pentagon and stitched it down, trimmed, pressed, and placed and stitched keys to a second side. Repeat until done. (I now have a large enough modern looking piece of fabric for the front side of a throw pillow.). Press well and using your preferred ruler, cut this " new" fabric into your desired size block. This method works well for.Creating crazy quilt blocks, blocks for potholders, patchwork stuffed toys, and realize your options are only limited by your imagination. Instead of quilting each block of the potholders, I made my sandwich and used a machine decorative stitch on all seams. That line of stitching pulled together all my mismatched colors and fabrics, creating a planned or intended look and " quilted" at the same time. I still have enough leftover material from the potholders to applique my oldest son's name to the front of his new grill apron and know I have a nice birthday gift of apron and pot holders for his birthday.
I plan to quilt my piano keys fabric today using a metallic thread and then cut to my desired size.
My scraps are in many shapes and sizes. I use scraps and strips from and foreverything from applique, doggy clothing, string quilts, and pillow or pet bed stuffing.

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A couple of you mentioned quilting the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts....I have noticed she generally just does an edge to edge all over design...and as her quilts usually are fairly busy without white space to show off any quilting, I generally do the same thing...I use a finer thread that will blend in with it the most...usually a cream....and just meander all over it...with a few motifs sprinkled in like loops or double and tribble loops or hearts or leaves....This holds the quilt together, is hardly noticeable and lets all this little pieces shine....I do have a long arm with no computer...so this type is the fastest and easiest for me to do.
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Default Leftovers

I try to make other things out of the leftovers. My first choice is NICU quilts. I've also made doll quilts, table runners, potholders, mug rugs and bags as well as pillows, pillow cases and wall hangings. I don't pre-cut scraps, just sort them by color and put them in plastic bins that are a size bigger than shoe boxes. They are my applique go to or for paper piecing. I also give away to my guild's free table and garage sale. I have a drawer cart for orphan blocks.

I overbuy and usually can get at least two quilts out of the fabric I select for a quilt and I often make two at a time. One for the original purpose and another for charity.
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From leftovers of Christmas fabric hand sewed 2 blocked pillowcases. And from smaller leftover small prints Xmas fabric hand sewing cocktail napkins nearly finished a 7th want to make a dozen maybe baker's dozen.
My Album here has pictures one is poinsettia and a pair gold/cream those have tiny embroidery cocktailglass in corner.
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I keep my orphan blocks and cutoffs as they're large enough to be used elsewhere......someday. Sometimes I'll put the orphan blocks onto the backside especially if I don't have enough of the backing material. Otherwise I have a plastic bin labelled "cutoffs" and/or "orphans". So far they are not filled to the gills yet.
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