Brother to be in a movie

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Such fun! My sister in law was an extra in Pretty Woman, and my cousin was a stunt speedboat driver in Madison.
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This sounds so exciting for your brother as well as the entire family. I do hope you get to see it as soon as it is on the big screen.
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I live in Northern Indiana now. Traded in the earthquakes, forest fires and volcanoes for a few tornadoes.

But General Canby is buried in Indianapolis. One of my dear friends lives with her Dad in Indy. They will go visit the grave which is not far from their house near the speedway. Canby's wife was from Crawfordsville, In.
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I'm planning to try to get a copy of the film and have a premier here in Indiana. We will copy all the things they do in Hollywood, dress up, have a red carpet, block off the area with yellow police tape, and use our Amish/Hoosier style search lights (flashlights) waved back and forth in the trees. Fire up the Green Egg, and get the campfire going in the circle. By the time it comes out, maybe summer, the dahlias should be in full bloom, I raise them for competition, and the sweet corn can be ready and barbequed too. Maybe a projector showing the film on the side of the house and everyone bring lawn chairs. Special invitations, no squirrels allowed, last year I live trapped 36 of them and then hauled them out to a woods ten miles away. It did not put a dent in the population. This year they are already digging up the herb barrels.
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Thanks, Battleaxe, I had always gotten the impression you were back east somewhere, but when you mentioned Modoc County, I thought maybe the "premier" you were going to do, was somewhere close to the Lava Beds.
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Exciting! I still have the Social Studies textbook that has me credited as a consultant! The company asked me to review it for Texas students when I was the contact person on our campus!
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Wonderful news and congratulations to your brother.
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