HELP - Brother VX1120

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Question HELP - Brother VX1120

I bought a brother vx 1120 at a goodwill. I didnít check the box. Itís missing the presser foot and other attachments. I was looking at buying a presser foot kit. But since the machine is 20 years old. I couldnít find any information if it would work on my machine or not. Do I need the original type of presser foot? I havenít used a sewing machine in serval years. Even then I was a beginner. I really want to start back up again. I feel helpless right now. Iím not sure what to do. I think I saw somewhere that there is an adapter? Can anyone give me more information on this? Thanks in advance.
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I looked at pictures online. It looks like it would take low shank feet. So you could also buy the low shank adapter and snap on feet.
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Steady - we're here to help! I don't have any Brother machines, but I've always wanted to try one. Many of us have gotten great machines from thrift stores and if I were you, I think the first thing I would do is go online and see if you can't get a manual (always good to have with any machine) An adapter might let you use different attachments. I don't know if you're anywhere near a reliable sewing sales/repair shop, lucky you if you are because they can be a real friend in need, especially if someone on staff sews or has sewn seriously.
Happy holidays to you in this weird year and check in with your progress as you get familiar with your new machine.
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Some of the snap on presser feet kits have an adapter and some do not. A quick look at the manual and it seems that it only may have only come with a zigzag foot and adjustable zipper foot. However, there are snap-on feet that can be used on your machine. It is a low shank foot. The adapter would be something like A set that comes with the adapter would be something like As a side note, as I was looking for some kits and adapters, I ran across one set that said it was for low shank only, but didn't have any screw on feet nor did it have an adapter.

There is a manual for your machine at

The bobbins for your machine can be found at Walmart (or at least that is where I found mine in the store) and would look like

Have fun with your new machine.

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