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Make sure you take pictures and label your quilts!  All is well that ends well. >

Make sure you take pictures and label your quilts! All is well that ends well.

Make sure you take pictures and label your quilts! All is well that ends well.

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Default Make sure you take pictures and label your quilts! All is well that ends well.

I decided to make my 88 yr. old mom a lap throw for Christmas. She lives in an independent living apartment in a full care facility. Unfortunately she had a medical issue and was in the medical center of the facility during Christmas. I wanted it to be a surprise. All she had asked for was: a roll of stamps! I made the quilt and put a USPS tracking order on it. All was good, delivery confirmation was the day before Christmas. Except...............she never received it. Two days went by and still no package for her to open. The Director of the Medical Center called me (the third call I got from concerned staff) and asked for the itemized contents. They had found the opened box at the nurses station, but it was empty. He was hot on the trail! I told him it contained a quilted throw and a roll of stamps : ), however I could email him a picture of the front, back and label if that would help. Wonderful. Two days after Christmas a young man walked into Mom's room rather sheepish. Evidently the staff had opened the box and delivered the wrapped package (that I did not have a tag on because it was addressed to Mom in her private room) to a woman with the same first name. She didn't see the label or was too ill to realize the mistake and showed it to her son when he arrived for a visit. He obviously realized the mistake and returned it with apologies for the error. It was disappointing Mom didn't get to open it on Christmas (her only gift is from me), but at least all is well that ends well. When the Director arrived in Mom's room that day, she had it on her lap warming her legs. She loves it. It is the Big Star Quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company's YouTube video [ATTACH=CONFIG]386905[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]386906[/ATTACH]and finished about 56" square, just perfect for a throw.
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It's beautiful and I'm so glad your Mother received it even though it was a bit late! Love the fabrics you used, too!
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It's beautiful ! I made one of these for Christmas for my DGD, she loves it.... I've learned to take pics of everything I make, better safe than sorry. Besides, you can look at your pics of your hard work. I'm so happy she finally got her lovely quilt !
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It is very beautiful! I am so happy she received it even if it was late.
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I love happy endings!! Thank goodness it made it's way to your mom.
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Glad that the quilt was found and returned to your mom. I know of a resident in a home I used to work in who completely lost hers to a thief/thieves and never saw it again. Her family were absolutely devastated by this loss as it was her favourite quilt. Best wishes.
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So beautiful, so glad it was found and delivered to her!!!
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I am so glad the she received the quilt!
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nicely done... glad it turned out well
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I am glad your mom finally got your quilt but I can imagine how disappointed the lady who got it by mistake was. She was probably so thrilled to receive such a lovely quilt from a secret santa at Christmas. If she had Alzheimers she would have had no way of realizing it wasn't really meant for her.
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