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:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Beth, I walked away (kick me now!) from one that look almost like new, had the case, all the attachments, book and a few extras at an estate sale for $200. That was a great deal. Personally, I wouldn't go higher then that no matter what. They are out there and for better prices then that. I know of a dealer that has over 1,000+ dollars for theirs and I personally don't understand that unless they are hitting the crowd of just wanting one. I did know someone that bought a few off ebay(to resale later) and all the ones they bought were just fine. Do some study on what year you want and why and then go for the hunt. I don't believe you'd be sorry. They are tough little machines and that is why they are still around. Skeat
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:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I love it I realllllly want one tooooo
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Thanks for the info....I did not even know what would be a good price. However a thousand would be way more than I want to pay. Here we sit today and buy nice machines and want one that is made back in the fifties.We had a sewing day at our Bernina shop and six ladies all had one. They all love theirs and said it was so nice for piecing and carrying to class.
Thanks for your response
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Stunning! I learnt to sew on one just like it that belonged to my Nan, when I was just a little girl.
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Prettykitty...I hope someone kept that one for you!:))That would make that machine extra special to you too. And, what is your cat doing in that picture??:))LOL Skeat
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Ah yes, featherweights are wonderful. Singer did it right at one time, they stopped making them around 1965. When other companies were making zig-zag's, Singer couldn't compete. I have 7 featherweights. All but 2 from e-bay and each in wonderful condition. I love sewing with each and every one of them. One is a centennial, 1951. One is white (they call it celery), it actually has a greenish tint to it and one is a free arm. That's the pricey one as there were fewer made. My others are just regular black machines. Most of the real rare/pricey machines were made for special events, had fewer made so the price is high. Commemoratives like San Francisco - Chicago - and one for Texas are extremely rare so prices are in the thousands. Blacksides and crinkles are other hard to fine machines. No shinny parts or decorative designs on those as chrome was needed for the war. Singer also made a tan featherweight. They weighted 11 pounds, so that's where they got their name from. Small, compact with a fold down bed extension. Fits into a small black carrying case. The first cases had a leather handle, then about the early 40's they had a plastic handle. You won't find any made '42-'44 because they were issued to the army for use during the war and reportedly distroyed after the war.
You can get the actual day they were 'born' (commissioned date on the assembly line) by going to The whole web site is very interesting but Page One will give you an idea for the date. Or call 1-800-4-singer, have your sn# handy and they will give you the date.
I could go on forever about featherweights, some day I'll have a red one. Still looking for one that needs rescuing so I can get it painted. Some people believe that painting lowers the value, but just try to buy one that's been painted and you'll pay twice as much.

Sorry I got carried away, but featherweights are my passion. I got my centennial from Maine, my sister got one from Maryland about the same time and the serial #'s are 310 apart, commissioned on the same day. We have twins!!
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Jan22 and all of you, thank you for the info. I will explore all of this this weekend when I'm off work. Check the date, etc. My husband got it for $400, all feet and a beautiful old case. I will let you know what I find out in my research. I was just so happy to have it, I've never looked into it's history. Thanks again.
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Such beautiful machines! I wish they still made machines to last the way these were.
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Beautiful 221! I have two and absolutely love them! One's black like yours and was my grandmother's and the other is the white (greenish) one that was my mother's. I'm fortunate to have one to leave to each of my daughters when I'm gone. They just can't have them until then! Both of them run like champs! You can't beat 'em for piecing. I have a big Janome that I use for my FMQing, but the Featherweights are the best for making my tops.
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