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my Mexican Star I made as a Christmas present

my Mexican Star I made as a Christmas present

Old 06-19-2016, 05:31 PM
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Originally Posted by oldpiglady View Post
I guess I should have stated it was given to my own daughter. Five months later and she still hasn't hung it up. Maybe I'll just make myself one, instead. oh well!
go read my story (search on ""so ashamed") if you want to see what MY Daughter did. Just ask for it back and go from there. It is a great quilt. Jane Quilter
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It's a little heartbreaking when we pour time and effort, and usually much love, into our quilts, only to have it not appreciated. I'm sorry your beautiful quilt isn't appreciated as it should be. It's beautiful. I made a baby quilt for someone, who did thank me, but there was no enthusiasm behind it. I later learned that this woman is very status-oriented, and my quilt did not have the magic designer label. I know how much work and love went into it, and I am still glad I gave it. I won't worry about the gift's reception. Besides, everyone has different tastes, and that's all right.
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I love the Mexican Stars pattern. Yours turned out great!
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It has been pointed out to me by my own (adult) children that I am an olde timey quilter. My daughter now guides me to what the next generation is in to. LOL
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It is a fine quilt. The only thing I can think of is maybe your daughter prefers more value contrast? She obviously did not hate it or it would not still be hanging.
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Jill, you did a great job and you definitely know how your daughter is. Please don't forget to send me the pattern or link to your China Girl quilt (I think that is the name of it) You go girlfriend and don't let that get you down. You have definitely been through worse. GOD Bless
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We love it!. I like to surprise but with my young people it seems better to let them be involved in the pattern fabric decisions, they get more satisfaction. It is disheartening when you get nothing in response.
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Maybe she just procrastinates, like I do sometimes. Someday she'll get around to it. When you are there, perhaps you could point out a spot on her wall that would be just the spot for it. And maybe she has no "spot".
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I'm sorry it wasn't appreciated. I'm sure if you offered it up.....there would be a long line of takers. It's really nice.
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AWWWW! That's a shame...I have a feeling your daughter probably doesn't care for quilts like you do. That would make me sad too. But happy I got to keep it! It's a beaut! I made all of my siblings a quilt one year for Christmas and no one "disliked" them at the time, but I have no idea if they actually ever used them.
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