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Blue Bell 11-28-2018 05:28 PM

Love these trees. Wonderful gifts.

DawnFurlong 11-29-2018 07:53 AM

Love this, so cheerful!

love to sew 11-29-2018 04:05 PM

Originally Posted by cat-on-a-mac (Post 8159524)
I don't think you really need the ruler. It's basically take the 10" squares and cut from bottom two corners to top middle. It's wonky, so things don't have to be exact.

Thanks, I just got the pattern and I thought that the ruler was included, haha, dumb me. It said pattern and ruler where you see to order, I didn't realize there was another click to see the ruler price. So thank you for giving the advise of how to make it without the ruler. It looks like on the pattern that the triangle comes in a bit on the base of the tree shape. I'm still reading the Pattern, not use to doing that. I usually make up my own. i hope I can do it right! Yours were quite the inspiration for me to buy a pattern. thank you

copycat 11-30-2018 04:31 AM

Oh what fun you are having! You are great at choosing the fabric combos. I would not have thought about the black dot fabric used in your 3rd project ...and it looks great! Your quilting is fabulous! Thanks for sharing great photos.

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