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QuiltnNan 07-11-2014 04:27 AM

nicely done

gabeway 07-11-2014 04:46 AM

You did an amazing job on this!

PurplePassion 07-11-2014 05:16 AM

I just showed my GS and he said "Oh I like that !!" and he knew exactly what it was. I hope he doesn't think I should make him one.

SlightlyOffQuilter 07-11-2014 05:52 AM

OMG YAY ! I am sooo thrilled to see it all finished ! You did an outstanding job ! I am so glad that I was able to help you with the design, but you took a very simple picture only layout and made it shine ! Very awesome !

katier825 07-11-2014 07:38 AM

That looks great! Today I am making a Minecraft cake for my grandson (his request). All I can say is...I think I should stick to quilting! LOL

ruthrings 07-11-2014 08:06 AM

You should name this quilt, "What I did for love!" My dgs would love it too, but . . . geesh

Homespun 07-11-2014 08:41 AM

Love it, hope my grandchildren don't see this!!!

sewbeadit 07-11-2014 11:05 AM

Oh my gosh, it came out wonderful! Love it. Thanks for the photo.

Judith1005 07-11-2014 11:11 AM

This is wonderful. I really like the colors used! Love the border fabric also.

indigofab 07-11-2014 12:59 PM

That's quite an impressive sword you made there. Nice work. Your DGS is going to LOVE it.

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