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craftymatt2 07-13-2014 07:00 AM

oh no...both of my dgs would love this quilt...they both play mindcraft..you did a fantastic job

StarofMoonDancer 07-13-2014 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by Knitette (Post 6795562)
Some of you might look at this and think, "What on earth is that?" I know I would have a few months ago!

Minecraft, for the uninitiated, is computer game - a bit like 3D Lego that my DGS loves. DD thought I could make a quilt as it's "all squares" (non quilter, lol).

Not so easy - as you will see on my previous post here and SlightyOffQuilter responded to my plea by creating a pattern on her EQ7.

It was a challenge, I can tell you, particularly the two that have 256 1" squares............ You should be able to spot the blocks I made first as the points become more 'off', the longer I did it and the more I lost the will to live, lol.

Anyway - here it is. Thanks for looking!


My grandson would love that quilt...
Where oh where do you find the pattern ????
That is a wonderful job...well done...

Annz 07-13-2014 11:43 AM

Great job he will love it.

JanieH 07-13-2014 01:16 PM

My darling great NIECE is a Minecraft fanatic! Her older brother got her into it and I am thrilled as the game teaches so many great skills and she has really improved her computer skills and knowledge! I would love to make this for her!

I loved the way you organized your pieces.

Where did you get the safety pin/numbers? They are really neat!

I will have to start collecting the fabric for this. What are the dimensions of your quilt, if I may ask? Thank you

Knitette 07-13-2014 01:19 PM

Originally Posted by StarofMoonDancer (Post 6799189)
My grandson would love that quilt...
Where oh where do you find the pattern ????
That is a wonderful job...well done...

If you re-read my OP on this thread, there's a link to my previous post - the pattern is halfway down that page. This should be a link to SlightlyOffQuilter's pattern.

alikat110 08-14-2014 02:20 PM

Okay, I am a little behind in viewing this. Want to say....FABULOUS.appreciate the link to pattern. I have a mine craft fanatic as well. He has been waiting patiently for a quilt. Guess I now know what to do!!!

Sewnoma 08-14-2014 03:08 PM

WOW this is awesome!!

I have Minecraft quilts on my Christmas 'to-do' list - my niece & nephew are totally obsessed with the game. I'm planning much simpler quilts than yours though, I'm just doing one big creeper face on each with random green squares behind it. (Creeper is the green guy in the top left corner of Knitette's quilt, for those of you not familiar with the game).

Your quilt is really making me re-think that plan, though, I like yours so much better than what I am planning! But I have to make 2 of them in twin size, plus about four other quilts for Christmas that I haven't even started yet. (eep) Maybe I'll stick to the simple quilts and make them pickaxe pillows for their birthdays or something! LOL

Really really well done, and it IS too bad this pattern can't be sold!

patti p 08-14-2014 03:21 PM

My Grandsons also are mindcraft fans, you did a awsome job, i have EQ7 but just learning it. thanks for your posting.

ann31039 08-14-2014 06:47 PM

Great job. And yes I get it. Have an addict here also.

sewmini 08-15-2014 07:03 AM

WOW you deserve a pat on the back for creating such a one of a kind......sew interesting!!!

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