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ZooAnimals 08-23-2020 02:37 AM

Queen of Egypt
Hi This is my attempt at applique Little did I know how complicated it was this is edited into 2 parts per panel there are 4 panels 7" x 8" ..First attempt over confident brought on few head aches but I got through it by the time I got to the 4 th panel I was fairly confident The big problem was the instructions hard to under stand I will go another way on the next applique

ZooAnimals 08-23-2020 02:45 AM

The image hasen't loaded I will have to read a little more how to upload

ZooAnimals 08-23-2020 02:50 AM

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Heres another try

mermaid 08-23-2020 03:27 AM

That is truly lovely, and worth the headache! I love it-- you can hang it on my wall any day. .https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images...es/thumbup.pngfor
all the hard work.

LAF2019 08-23-2020 04:56 AM

that looks like a lot of applique for a first attempt! Looks great, though. you should be proud!

grannie cheechee 08-23-2020 05:47 AM

All I can say is wow or double wow.

juliasb 08-23-2020 06:15 AM

This quilt is to die for beautiful! I would never believe this was you first attempt at applique! You make the Queen of Egypt look alive! Thanks for sharing this one of a kind quilt.

leaha 08-23-2020 06:58 AM

wonderful, looks great,

Jingle 08-23-2020 08:20 AM

Very pretty and such a good job.

Jordan 08-23-2020 09:19 AM

Stunning! You have done a wonderful job on it and I can't believe it is your first time. Your workmanship is beautiful

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