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Old 06-21-2021, 02:51 AM
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How can these things happen? We don't know but at the very, very least it gives friends the opportunity to demonstrate kindness and compassion while you son's family works toward reestablishing there home in a new way. Devastating and the pain you all must feel. So happy your son is safe and breathing well and of course little Gus the cat too.

Love to hear your story of determination to rescue the quilts. Just the kind of thing to inspire others. Of course your work of the week and finishes or near finishes are wonderful. Stress quilting... no one but another quilter would understand this. Love it!. Keep us all posted about your family. Your shared story has struck our hearts.
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Old 06-21-2021, 05:11 AM
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So sorry to hear about your son's house but glad no one was killed during it. Good to know about the surge protectors too. Also a fireman once told me to never throw used batteries in your trash can as there could still be just a little bit of juice left and if it comes in contact with metal, it could start a fire/spark. So I tape my batteries all up with painter's tape just to be safe.
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Old 06-21-2021, 05:46 AM
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May the Lord continue to strengthen you all! So sorry. Your quilts are beautiful
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Old 06-21-2021, 07:11 AM
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Your quilting is beautiful!
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Old 06-21-2021, 08:16 AM
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I'm so, so sorry for what happened to your son's house. Prayers!
You're quilts are beautiful.
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Old 06-21-2021, 03:30 PM
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First I want to tell you that my heart goes out to your son for his loss. I started reading your message out of curiosity because the message was very long, but as I was reading it tears were coming to my eyes. I had a fire in my house in 1968. So, I know what your son is going thru. My love and prayers for all of you.
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Old 06-21-2021, 04:04 PM
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Wow! I am so glad you have figured out how to clean the ones that were salvaged. What a terrible blow. I am glad though that they and their beloved pets are safe.

Good information on the phone chargers. Thank you for sharing. I had not heard any warnings about the surge protectors before.

This is indeed a huge shock and trauma. Hope that together all of you can pull through
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Old 06-23-2021, 03:30 PM
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Beautiful quilts. I am so sorry to hear about your Son's house fire. I hope and pray things will be better soon.
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