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Default ad blocker

? about Ad blockers. Which one is most popular to stop the ads on the QB. I can't look at the screen anymore without getting dizzy and distracted from trying to read and I understand that is the point of filling the screen with moving ads. Thank you in advance.

It has been a while since I last came on to the QB because it just isn't enjoyable anymore as much as I enjoy the people and shared interest here.


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I have uBlock and I don't get any ads. It's free.
I can see how frustrating it would be. Hope you find one!
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I use Ad Block Plus & don't have any problems. It also is free.
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Which blockers you use are up to you, your browser and your system. But life is better with! My system is actually pretty well locked down and loaded with various checkers and things and it isn't always that easy for me to navigate shopping and such, but I don't get any thing bad for when I do. My husband on the other hand takes callous disregard for his internet safety and never gets anything either...

I have a couple ad blocker types, just took off Ghostery because it was getting as bad as Malware Bytes about once really great ad breaking freeware giving me as many/more popups than it was stopping.

Still using Ublock Origin on Firefox, there are specific Ublock options for different browsers.
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Originally Posted by ctrysass2012 View Post
I use Ad Block Plus & don't have any problems. It also is free.
This is the one I use as well. Works great here and everywhere else.
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Originally Posted by NJ Quilter View Post
This is the one I use as well. Works great here and everywhere else.
This is the one I use as well. And it works great. There is an occasional site that will notice I"m using an ad blocker and ask me to disable it or buy a pass.... I don't do either and I can still read the site content.
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Adblock Plus for me!
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I just tried to load AdBlockPlus but it says it is not compatible with my ipad.. I have version 9.3.5 ipad.....
Other than buying a new ipad, is there some other way to block the ads on my has become unusable for me when the ads come on the bottom of the screen where I can't see my keyboard or my Archive choice, thanks for any help.
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