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happylab 12-31-2018 03:13 PM

2019 UFO Challenge
2019 UFO Challenge

Welcome members who are returning and new members to our UFO Challenge.

All members are welcome to join in our UFO journey. On this site you can let us know about your progress and get suggestions if you like. We love to hear about why you started the quilt and what happen that caused it to be a UFO, How long has it been a UFO. Or anything you want to tell us about your UFO journey. we also love, love, love pics in progress and completed. Did you get the hit we love pics?

It does not matter how you count your UFO's. It is entirely up to you. No UFO police allowed here.

A "Finished," is defined as removing from your stack of incomplete projects. The way you accomplished this is up to you. You can finish the project, pass it on to someone else to finish, donate it, sell it, you see we are very flexible. Our goal to reduce the pile of UFO's.

I will be counting again this year, with one minor change. If you want your finished UFO to count in our count, I'm requesting you send me a PM to let me know it is a finish. I figure if you do not PM you do not want me to count it in the count. I will also cut off each month's count on the end of day 2 (2400 Central standard time), of the next month. I will count all finished size quilts, quilted table runners, placemats (counted as one), quilted wall hangings, and the exceptions mentioned in above paragraph.

I also off and on will set goals for finished UFO's on some months. Example January Group goal = 25.

You can also set your own goal each month, if you like, but definitely not required. I do this some times. State what you want to complete in the month.

My goal to quilt Olaf quilt, train quilt, finish a small twill heart wall hanging, and one charity quilt.

I'm looking forward to see everyone's UFO progress and finished projects. Again welcome.

Conchalea 12-31-2018 07:14 PM

Thanks for hosting this thread again, happylab. I’m in because I don’t want any quilt I start to become a UFO! This thread helped keep me on track all during 2018 & I completed all the quilts I started. With placemats counting as 1 project, I started & completed 12 projects in 2018.
I did find a second UFO of my daughter’s when she gave me all her fabric. She doesn’t want to quilt any longer so I got all her ‘stuff.’ I completed her queen-size quilt on Christmas morning, so my part (completing construction, quilting, & binding) was all done in 2018. I hope to complete her second UFO in 2019.

Sync 12-31-2018 07:16 PM

I'm back in for this challenge, especially since I only finished 1 UFO last year ............... I think I'll try and set monthly goals so for January - finish quilting hubby's quilt and work on On Ringo Lake.

rryder 12-31-2018 07:21 PM

Yay! Thanks for hosting again, Happylab. Iíll be trying to complete 1 UFO each month. For January Iím working on a fractured spiderweb quilt that I had hoped to complete for my September UFO in 2018 :shock: But the t-shirt UFO got in the way LOL.

and- Iím trying to not start anything new until Iíve completed my Jan. UFO, the WIP that I want to have finished by mid Jan. And the 2 WIPs that have late April deadlines...


LTeachergeorge 12-31-2018 09:46 PM

Ditto — thank you for hosting this thread again this year. I’m ashamed to say that at last count ( a year or so back), I had at least 70 UFO’s. Those are the ones I could remember; no idea where most of them are ☹️. My goal is to finish one UFO a month. I’ll have to see what I can find tomorrow that can be the top ones on the list!

Linda in Missouri

petthefabric 01-01-2019 01:26 AM

Thank you for hosting again, I'd like to finish 1 UFO/mo. It's doable. Just need motivation to move a UFO higher on the priority list.

quilterpurpledog 01-01-2019 04:37 AM

I want to participate. I have lined my UFOs up in order-from those needing the most work to finish to those with the smallest amount. I will start on the smallest and work to the one that needs the most time and effort. I want them all gone!

Battle Axe 01-01-2019 04:52 AM

Found my list last night and was able to cross off 4 out of the 13 on the list. Of course I picked the easy ones. I also did work on another one, but became stuck again, but there was progress. i found a glass case and am using that as a storage for the ones that are done and ready for the auctions or gifting. Beats a pile in the closet.

When I listed them originally, i gave up after the 13 as I was appalled that there were that many. I would not have believed.

Conchalea 01-01-2019 05:21 AM

Good idea, listing UFOs in order of amount of work each needs. I also think it’s good to start with those needing the least work done so you have near-immediate gratification in seeing a finish. Binding a quilt is usually where I stall out, but the quilt looks so good once it’s bound! Having a finish is what motivates me to keep going until a project is done.

oksewglad 01-01-2019 05:56 AM

Happy New Year everyone! Jt is tough for me to complete anything in January except business bookwork. But once I get that out of the way.....I have some new projects to finish so they don't become UFO's. I have trouble listing my UFO's...they scare me!

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