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retiredteacher09 08-28-2020 04:47 PM

joe’smom: Congratulations on a pretty finish!

Conchalea: Congratulations on more finishes.

I will be adding another top to my UFO list as I finished the class a year ago. 😢. I have made a little progress this month on it by adding the frames to some blocks.

rryder 08-28-2020 05:06 PM

Nice finish, Joe’s Mom, congratulations!

Way to g Conchalea, y’all are truckin’ along,

I hope to have a finish this month, finally have the backing fabric for the big butterly and itks sandwiched and ready to go.


Sync 08-28-2020 05:51 PM

Sweet quilt joe’smom and congrats on the finish. No ufo finishes for me in Aug. but it looks like I’m getting close for a Sept, finish.

Panchita 08-29-2020 12:59 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Good morning all! (well, it's morning here, lol)

I have a finish!! Finally done with my Christmas tree skirt - yay!

Copying Quossum's report style (because I find the approach interesting, albeit my content may be less so...)

Quilt Origin - I've wanted to make a Christmas tree skirt pretty much since I started quilting in the late 90s. It took until maybe 2-3 years ago for me to actually start one (not too sure on exact start date). I love the Carpenters Star block, and knew I wanted to do a massive one for this project.

Why it became a UFO - my quilting time has been rather stop-start for the past few years, and I would pick it up again in late Nov/early Dec thinking "Must get that finished this year", do a bit, Christmas would arrive and leave, and I'd put it aside thinking "I'll do it for next year"... In all fairness this is my 'newest' UFO - the others I have are all working on a decade plus of neglect, lol. It's not as if this is the most difficult project I've attempted, which is possibly part of the issue, in that I would think I'll fly through finishing it and then.... not. https://cdn.quiltingboard.com/images/smilies/hunf.png

Why I finally finished - I'm actually positively trying to put aside time for quilting the past couple of months (well, since the virus lockdown really) since I know it is good for my mental health. It was at 'top put together, but not quilted yet' stage. Since I handquilted it (which I'm rather proud of) it took a little longer than it might have, but it is now finally all done.

Quilt's fate - being put with the Christmas decorations to be used round our tree this year!

Hope the photos post...

Conchalea 08-29-2020 03:26 AM

Panchita, your Carpenter's star is beautiful! I also love the pattern & have it on my bucket list, which gets longer every day...

oksewglad 08-29-2020 04:54 AM

Panchita...a winner for sure. The lovely HQ makes this a family heirloom to be handed down. I have a hard time working on Christmas things after the fact when the weather shuts us in.

rryder 08-29-2020 08:10 AM

That's gorgeous Panchita- your hand-quilting is amazing. Congratulations on getting it finished.


Sync 08-29-2020 10:02 AM

Panchita, congrats on that lovely finish. Nice job with the hand quilting.

WMUTeach 08-29-2020 04:12 PM

Panchita, what lovely quilting. I need to get another hand quilting project going. As much as I grumbled about my last one, 6 months later, I miss the hand work. Your tree will be gorgeous this Christmas with this skirt to show off the lights and decorations. .

retiredteacher09 08-29-2020 07:13 PM

Panchita: Congratulations on the finish. It is a lovely Christmas tree skirt and you did a great job on adding your own hand quilting touches. Thanks for the story.

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